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Microsoft officially buried Windows 10X. Best ideas will appear in the usual Windows 10

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Today Microsoft confirmed that he had changed his mind to release Windows 10X. It was originally assumed that the OS would come out with computers with two screens, like a canceled Microsoft Surface Neo. These plans were built before the coronavirus pandemic. After the Redmond Company planned to release Windows 10x for traditional single-screen laptops. However, now the release of the new operating system is completely canceled, and the best work will be integrated into Windows 10.


Some technologies designed for Windows 10X are already embedded in Windows 10. We are talking about a new container to start applications, improved voice set and advanced touch keypad for tablets with Windows 10. Microsoft declares that it will continue to invest in the technology that was originally created as part Windows 10X. However, it is extremely unlikely that Surface Neo devices will be presented in the foreseeable future.



Windows 10x should have appeared in 2021 as a strong Google Chrome OS competitor. This is not the first time Microsoft is trying to run the facilitated version of its user operating system. The first was Windows RT, released with the original Surface in 2012. In 2017, Windows 10 S was published. Both operating systems did not receive from users of flattering reviews, since it was essentially trimmed by functionality compared to the full-fledged Windows 8 and 10, respectively. For example, Windows RT forced users to work in Internet Explorer browser, without offering him alternatives.

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