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Smartphone performance can be “updated” using Google Play

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Although the user of the smartphones is not necessary to understand the neural networks, it is worth knowing that the effectiveness of the T.N. Neural Networks API is largely responsible for the performance of chipsets. In the near future, the corresponding software will be updated using Google services.


Neural Networks API allows developers to delegate part of extremely complex computing for the neural network of smartphones to the neural network, as a result of which the overall data processing performance increases. Soon Android smartphones built on the Snapdragon mobile platforms will be able to receive the same regular software updates for local “neuroprocessions”, which Qualcomm has long used to improve the GPU drivers.

The innovation is important because users do not have to acquire a new smartphone or wait for a complete update of the system in order to take advantage of advanced mobile technologies. Qualcomm as an example, calls Google Assistant and Google Maps, which should be “better, smarter, more intuitive.”

Moreover, independent developers who use Neural Networks API capabilities can be confident that the overwhelming majority of Android smartphones (at least applying Snapdragon single-chip systems) will have a new version of this API. The time of the premiere of the function in Qualcomm promised to communicate later, limiting the answer “this year.”

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