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SNAP will release the video editor Story Studio for iOS database

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As part of the annual event, Partner Summit, the American SNAP company announced the Story Studio mobile application, which is a video editor and will be launched later this year. It will be able to hold the owners of devices running iOS.

Image: Snap

According to reports, the new application will be optimized for working with vertical video, removed on the mobile device chamber. Story Studio has the ability to view information about actual Snapchat messaging service trends.

The application will change the video sound, choosing tracks from the licensed directory, apply different filters and visual effects, add signatures, stickers, etc. As in other video editors, the Story Studio has a set of tools for basic editing and trimming rollers. Adjusted video can be immediately downloaded to Snapchat or some other application for further publication.

It is noteworthy that Watermarks uncontrolled in the video application will not be overlap. This means that users can freely publish such videos on other platforms, such as Instagram Reels, without fearing the rating.

During the presentation, it was not stated when the new Story Studio video editor would be available to a wide range of users. Also, the developers did not specify whether the service version was launched for Android database.

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