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Users of smartphones with Android 12 will be able to turn them off using Google Assistant

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Earlier this month, Google officially introduced Android 12, the next iteration of its operating system. Among other things, the new version of the OS supports the activation of Google Assistant using a long press button. Now it became known that the assistant will receive support for the voice trip of the device.

Image: 9TO5 Google

Since in Android 12 long pressing the power button leads to activation of the voice helper, the question appears about the options for disconnecting the device. It is assumed that the developers will add a power button in the quick settings menu, but the source says it will not be the only option. The enthusiasts studied the beta code of the Google search application and found in it to indicate that more users will be available in the Android 12 users.

First of all, users will be able to access the power menu by closing the power button at the same time and increase the volume. In addition, you can turn off the device will be a voice command for Google Assistant. At the moment, this function does not work in a public beta version of Android 12. When trying to turn off the smartphone through the voice assistant, it reports the inaccessibility of batteries.

The source notes that the functions mentioned are at the development phase. This means that by the time of the launch of the stable version of Android 12, they can function in a different way. It is also possible that the developers will postpone their launch or completely refuse to use them.

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