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Astrophysics created a “star blacksmith”, the most realistic 3D-simulation of the birth of stars

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A group of astrophysicists from the North-West University of the United States has created an amazingly realistic three-dimensional model of the formation of the stars, which was called the “Star forge”. Compared to past works in this area, the presented model is characterized by a much higher resolution. Detailed information on the study will be published in the MONTHLY NOTICES journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain.

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The researchers managed to simulate a whole gas cloud, the dimensions of which are 100 times more than it was possible to create before. Due to this, it is possible to more clearly appreciate the process of the origin and evolution of the stars, the dynamics of development, taking into account various parameters, such as radiation and the activity of nearby supernovae. Such modeling will allow scientists to approach the answers to different questions, including the speed of the formation of stars, as well as the factors that determine their masses and clusters.

«The question of the formation of the stars is the main question of astrophysics. It is very complicated due to a number of integrated physical processes. New modeling will help us to answer the fundamental questions that there was no answer before, “says one of the participants in the study of Claude André Faucher-Giguère).

Stars formation can pass within tens of millions of years, and, although scientists are constantly watching the night sky, they always see only part of this process. Researchers note that the previous works of astrophysics were associated with the modeling of a small section of the gas clouds in which the stars are formed. But the “Star Forge” allows you to make a high-quality jump forward, because it covers everything entirely. Scientists believe that no vision of the general picture will always present numerous unaccounted factors that are able to influence the process of the birth and evolution of the stars.

«Star forge “so massive that for calculations using the supercomputer of the Texas center of advanced computing goes about three months. As a result, a model is obtained that demonstrating the origin of the stars from the cloud, the mass of which is in tens or millions times the mass of the Sun. As the gas has been developed, it is converted into structures that eventually disintegrate into individual stars. The poles of such stars are formed a gas jet coming out and penetrating the surrounding cloud. Thus, the stars lose gas that could help eat a mass.

Scientists are confident that the understanding of the processes of stars will help a person in obtaining data on the formation of galaxies and the formation of the universe.

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