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China has begun construction of the fifth cosmodrome

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Ningbo’s port city in the east of China began to implement an ambitious plan for the construction of the fifth cosmodrome in the country in the framework of the long-term goal of extension of the space infrastructure to meet the needs of the expected boom of commercial launches.

SERTT RN Hendhan-7a (XINHUA)

Engineering Company In the Eastern province of Zhejiang on April 1, he won a tender for the construction of the starting site in the city of Ningbo, as well as the Section of the Command Center and the Assembly Testing Complex – this is reported in the document posted on the website of the Ningbo Free Trade Zone.

Within the framework of the infrastructure plans of the Government of Zhejiang for 2021-2025, Ningbo invests 20 billion yuan (billion) in the cosmodrome in the Syanzhan district (letters. – “Elephant Hill”). The cosmodrome will be able to provide about 100 missions per year. According to the media, Xiangshan has a favorable latitude to launch missiles, comparable to Cape Canaveral in Florida, where Kennedy Space Center is located.

Декабрьский запуск ракеты-носителя CZ-8 («Чанчжэн-8» или Long March 8)

December launch of the CZ-8 launch vehicle (“Changzheng-8” or Long March 8)

In the next five or ten years, China plans to create huge groupings of commercial satellites that will be able to provide services from high-speed Internet for aircraft to tracking coal supplies. To meet the demand for launches, China will have to build larger missiles capable of carrying more satellites, as well as create new starting complexes. Currently, China has four cosmodromes – three internally and one on the South Island Hainan.

China launched 39 missions in 2020, including the unmanned probe on Mars, and is expected to provide more than 40 launches this year. China can run more than 1000 low-bit satellites in the coming years, the Global Times state newspaper reported on Wednesday with reference to the expert of the space industry.

Ракета-носитель CZ-8 («Чанчжэн-8» или Long March 8)

Launch vehicle CZ-8 (“Changzheng-8” or Long March 8)

According to the expert, the largest rocket of China, CZ-5 (Changzhien-5 or Long March 5) is able to withdraw at the same time 60 small satellites on a low near-earth orbit. It is expected that in other Chinese provinces in the coming years, the construction of new cosmodromes can begin.

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