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China sent a cosmic ship “Tianzhou-2” with a load for the future space station

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The management of the PRC Space Flight Programs (CMS) reported a successful launch on Saturday, May 29, Tienzhou-2 space truck, which will deliver 6,64 tons of cargo for the main module of Tianhe.

China Manned Space Engineering Office

The launch of the Changzhän-7 carrier missile, which brought to the orbit “Tianzhou-2”, was carried out at 20:55 local time (15:55 Moscow time) from Wenchan’s cosmodrome located on the island of Hainan in the south of China.

According to CMS, “Tianzhou-2” reached the set point of the orbit after 604 seconds after the start, and now successfully opened the solar panels. In addition to the cargo, 1.95 tons of fuel are on board the spacecraft. In the near future, the ship docks to the 22,5-ton module of the future Chinese space station, which was launched on a low near-earth orbit on April 29.



Delivery of goods and fuel is performed as part of preparation for arrival at Tianhe first team of cosmonauts. According to China’s plans, the Shenzhou-12 mission in the composition of three cosmonauts will be sent to Tianhe next month.

To complete the construction of the first Chinese space station, consisting of three modules weighing 66 tons, it will take 11 launch missiles. China plans to complete the assembly of the space station by the end of 2022.

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