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Chinese Journal of Zhurong sent the first photos with a red planet

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China shared the first photographs received by Martian Rover Zhurong (“Zhurong”). At one of them, the device is located on the landing platform with the ramp, preparing to descend on the surface of the red planet. On the second photo you can mark the already deployed solar panels of the Marsochode.

Before Mars, the Chinese rover reached on board the Tianwen-1 automatic orbital station (Tianwean-1) in February of this year. The successful landing of the Marshode on the surface of the Red Planet was held last Saturday. Thanks to this, China has become a third country in the history, which was able to perform a soft landing of the spacecraft for Mars after the USSR and the United States.

The Zhurong Chinese market is largely similar to the Spirit American Rovers and Opportunity Aerospace Agency NASA. The mass of the device from the industries is 240 kg. It is equipped with several navigation and overview cameras, as well as five scientific instruments. With their help, the mercier will study the mineralogy of local breeds, as well as the environment and meteorological conditions of the Red Planet.

Zhurong Like American Rovers Curiosity and Perseverance is equipped with a laser installation for a chemical analysis of Martian soil. It also has on board the radar to search for subsurface deposits of water ice, which highlights it against the background of American colleagues.

Фотография задней части ровера Zhurong с развёрнутыми солнечными панелями и антенной связи

Zhurong Rover Back Photography With Deployed Solar Panels and Antenna Communication

Photos from the surface obtained by the Zhurong squirrel, they suggest that the preparation for its deployment was successful: the rover revealed the solar panels that feed it, and also put forward the communication antenna with which it binds to the Tianwean-1 orbital apparatus. Very soon the Chinese apparatus will begin the mobile part of his research mission.

Rover landed in the terrain called Plain Utopia (Utopia Planitia) is a rounded lowland with a diameter of about 3,300 km in the eastern part of the Northern Hemisphere Mars. It is assumed that Zhurong will study Mars for at least three months.

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