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Ilon Mask published a snapshot of the spacecraft prototype StarShip SN16

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SPACEX CEO Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) published on his page on Twitter snapshot of the StarShip SN16 spacecraft. It will be involved in the next flight tests that should be held soon.

Start prototype StarShip SN15 | Image: Spacex.

Previous Spacex Starship Ship Prototype Tests were held at the beginning of this month. Then the prototype SN15 managed to rise to a height of 10 km, after which he performed the planned maneuver and returned to the starting platform located in Boca Chika, Texas. The whole flight took about six minutes, and the landing of SN15 became the first successful during the series tests of StarShip prototypes, after which the ship did not explode. It is worth noting that after landing at the base of SN15, it was still a fire, but within a few minutes the flame was sharpening and did not lead to an explosion.

Прототип корабля Spaship SN16 | Изображение: Twitter

SPASHIP SN16 Ship Prototype | Image: Twitter.

After the previous test, Ilon Mask stated that SN15 can be launched again in the near future, but since then information about the probability of restarting this version of the prototype has not been received. Judging by the published shot, Spacex is preparing to test StarShip SN16, which is assumed to be launched by a similar trajectory as SN15. This is necessary to confirm that the previous successful flight was not accidental. When exactly SPACEX intends to test the prototype STARSHIP SN16, while it is unknown.

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