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Marshow Curiosity captured shining clouds on Mars

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National Aeronautics and Space Space Research (NASA) has published several curious pictures that were made this year by Marshod Curiosity. Russer has managed to capture the shiny clouds uncharacteristic for the atmosphere of the red planet.

Image: NASA

Cloudy days – a rather rare phenomenon in a thin and dry atmosphere of Mars. The clouds are usually located in the area of ​​the planet’s equator at the coldest time when, moving along its oval orbit, Mars is removed as much as possible from the Sun. However, one Martian a year ago (almost two Earth years), scientists noticed the fact that the clouds were formed over the curiosity of the expected.

This year they were already ready for the shooting of early clouds that began to appear in January. As a result, it was possible to obtain snapshots of thin clouds filled with ice crystals, which scattered the light of the setting sun. Such pictures help scientists to understand how clouds are formed in the Martian atmosphere, and this time one new discovery has already been done – experts found that the clouds captured Curiosity were at greater height than usual.

Most clouds are filled at a height of no more than 60 km from the surface of the planet and consist of water vapor. However, the clouds that photographed the mercier are above. Since at greater height is significantly colder, scientists suggest that these clouds consist of frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice. As for the altitude of these clouds, it will take additional information to accurately determine scientists.

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