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NASA has published a picture of the Marshode Curiosity on Mount Mountain Mountain

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The National Aeronautics and Space Space Research (NASA) has published a new shot of the Curiosity Marshode, which has been studying the Red Planet for several years. On it is captured by a squirrel located on the rocky formation of Mont-Merka.


Image: Slash Gear

Aerial view made by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter orbital device from a height of about 270 km on April 18, 2021 using the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment tool. The rover is clearly visible in the photo, despite the impressive distance that separated him from MRO.

Curiosity rises to Mount Sharp, which is the central vertex of the Gale crater, since 2014. The mission of the apparatus is to find signs of existence in the past microorganisms on Mars. Compare the Rocky Education Mont-Merka Marshod began in March of this year. For the first two years of finding Curiosity on Mars, it was possible to confirm that the Gale’s crater in the distant past was the lake and contained chemical elements that made it suitable for life.

CURIOSITY also found particles of organic material during the time of staying on Mars and was looking for sources of ejection of methane in the Martian atmosphere. NASA experts expect it to continue to remain a source of valuable information. It is assumed that the hills for mon-measure will be rich in sulfates and Curiosity will be able to explore them in detail.

It is worth noting that the United States is no longer a sole country in the world, which is at the disposal there is a valid rover. Earlier this month, a Chinese squirrel was successfully delivered to the planet, which will soon begin research.

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