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On the MCS manipulator discovered a hole from space trash

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Previously, Roscosmos reported that in 2021 there was no dangerous approach of space debris with the International Space Station, whereas in 2020 there were 220 such cases. But it is also known that less than 5% of objects in orbit givend to accounting and tracking. Objects with dimensions up to 10 cm are practically not fixed, and the station damage they can apply colossal. The fresh example was the detection of the hole in the manipulator on the ISS, which month ago was not yet.


The Canadarm2 manipulator for the ISS was created in Canada. This mechanical hand with remote control, including from the ground, is able to move objects weighing up to 100 tons. These can be spacecraft (rejoint), equipment and even astronauts. Canadians and told about the hit of the cosmic garbage in the manipulator, reports RIA Novosti.

During the inspection of the manipulator on May 12, KKA and NASA experts rated the degree of damage to the manipulator from garbage. The blow came on one of the beams of Canadarm2. Fortunately, damage turned out to be insignificant and did not affect the performance of the manipulator. It suffered only the heat shield screen, and the mechanical hands are important for work were not affected.

The incident again raises the problem of cosmic garbage. Obviously, the frequency of such events will increase not just quickly, but very quickly. Cosmos becomes more accessible, which is facilitated by projects on the conclusion into the orbit of small commercial satellites in huge quantities. And if now is a single shot, then tomorrow ISS will be as under a hail of debris. And not only the ISS.

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