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Spacex brought into orbit satellite SXM-8 and in the 87th time carried out a successful landing of the first stage

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Private Aerospace Company Spacex has successfully launched Falcon 9, with the help of which the SXM-8 SIRIUS XM broadcast company has been displayed in the Earth orbit. A few minutes after the start, the first stage of the rocket once again successfully sat on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

Image: Space.com.

Start Rocket took place on June 6 at 00:26 by the time of the east coast of the United States (07:26 Moscow time) from the site of the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral. For Spacex, this launch has already become the 18th this year. About nine minutes after the start, the first stage of the Rocket Rocket was successfully taken to a special floating platform called “Just read the instructions” (Just Read the Instructions).

Note that SPACEX as part of the implementation of this mission carried out a successful landing of the first stage in the 87th time. In addition, Spacex carried out a second start for three days from the Cape Canaveral. On Thursday, the Dragon ship went to outer space, on board which there were several tons of cargo for the crew of the International Space Station. On Saturday, this ship successfully docked with an orbital station.

Спутник связи SXM-8 / Изображение: Space.com

SCHM-8 communication satellite / image: space.com

As for the current start, Falcon 9 brought into orbit satellite SXM-8 weighing 7 tons. It will be used to broadcast satellite radio clients with Sirius XM in the USA, Canada and Caribbean countries. This is the second massive SXM satellite, which is displayed in the Spacex orbit. The previous 7-ton apparatus SXM-7 was launched in space last year.

The SXM-7 satellite was not put into operation, and the company has already declared him lost, and also received $ 225 million insurance compensation covering the launch and first year of the device. According to reports, Sirius XM intends to build and bring another satellite into orbit, which should be a substitute for SXM-7.

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