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Spacex will launch its first floating cosmodrome in 2022

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Spacex was engaged in the construction of his first floating cosmodrome and plans to start starting with him already in 2022. This was told on Twitter the founder of the company Ilon Mask (Elon Musk). The cosmodrome will be made on the basis of the converted oil tower.


The space company acquired two former oil towers at the beginning of 2021. They got the name Dimos and Phobos in honor of the two Lun Mars. Spacex plans to convert them both under the floating launchers and landing platforms for the upcoming reusable missiles of StarShip. The names of the platforms directly refer to the fact that they will be used for the launches of the specified ships on Mars.

However, they will have more landing applications: according to the plan of engineers, these platforms will perform the role of key nodes on a network of points intended for hypersonic travels announced earlier. For example, with their help, it will be possible to get from Beijing in New York in 30 minutes.

Recall that at the beginning of May Spacex successfully produced a test launch of StarShip SN15. The rocket not only successfully soared, but also landed. Now the company is preparing to make a test flight of a ship from Texas to Hawaii.

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