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The first Space tourist Blue Origin will pay for flight at least $ 2.8 million

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Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) Blue Origin sells one of the six places in the passenger capsule on the auction, which will be run by the New Shepard rocket in the subborital space. The auction began on May 5 and since then the bet on it increased to $ 2.8 million. With regard to the first flight of the New Shepard rocket with passengers on board, it is scheduled for July 20.

Image: Blue Origin

As it was assumed to buy a satellite place of the space tourist. At the time of writing this article, one of the auction participants was ready to pay $ 2.8 million for him. Most likely, the final cost will be even higher, since the open stage of the auction will last until June 10, and on June 12 the final part of the auction will be held on June 12.

It is worth noting that the amount received during the trading will not become part of the doctrine of Jeff Bezness, which is already the richest man of the planet. Instead, it will be listed in the Club for the Future company, which is engaged in the involvement of children and young people in science.

The winner of the Blue Origin auction will go to an exciting journey in the passenger capsule, which will be launched into the subducational space on the New Shepard rocket. It is noteworthy that the rocket and capsule for passengers can be reused. Before Blue Origin held 15 test flights of his rocket, the last of which took place on April 14th.

At the moment, it is not known what fee will install Blue Origin for flights to the subborital space when the company will be able to deliver space tourism to the flow. However, it is obvious that the amount will be significantly less than $ 2.8 million. Blue Origin competitor in the field of Supportal tourism Virgin Galactic announced that the price of the SPACESHIPTWO ship tickets will be $ 250 thousand.

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