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The satellite operator Viasat demanded to prohibit the launches of Internet satellites Spacex Starlink

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The Viasat satellite operator appealed to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), requiring the SPACEX prohibition regulator for further launch of Starlink communication satellites. Viasat also appealed to the court to hold a thorough ecological expertise of Spacex devices.

Image: Starlink.

It is worth noting that at the moment Ilona Mask (Elon Musk) has already brought more than 1,700 apparatuses into orbit and has permission for further operations on the launch of many more satellites. In court, Viasat stated that the FCC had to evaluate the impact of the growing satellite grouping on the environment before issuing Spacex permission to increase the number of Starlink devices in an orbit with a height of 550 km.

Initially, FCC approved the launch of 4409 satellites, of which 2825 devices were to be located in orbits with a height of 1100 and 1300 km, and another 1584 satellite – in orbit 550 km high. However, in April, the regulator has changed the terms of the Spacex license, allowing the company to place all its satellites in orbit 550 km high. In Spacex, such a change was called it necessary to reduce the delays in the network and increasing the data transfer rate, due to the quality of the services provided.

Viasat believes that the FCC must ban Spacex to launch new satellites, until the Federal Court determines the legality of changing the license conditions. Spacex’s concern also expressed astronomers who claim that the growing grouping of satellites prevents observation. According to Viasat, such an impressive orbital group has a negative impact on the environment, and the devices failed will increase the number of space trash.

If the FCC does not agree to suspend the SPACEX license, then Viasat will contact the US Court of Appeal to achieve this. Official spacex representatives still refrain from commenting on this issue.

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