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US military will collect solar energy in space and send it to Earth

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US Air Force (USAF) intend to implement a project to collect and deliver solar energy from space to the land. It is assumed that in the short term, such an approach will ensure the energy of military bases located in remote areas. It is also possible that the energy collected in this way will be used for civilian purposes.

Image: YouTube.

Currently, the US military to ensure the hard-to-reach bases of energy use the delivery of fuel and other materials by the columns of trucks with the appropriate military accompaniment. Such averaged columns are vulnerable to attacks from Earth and air. Implementing a new project that was named Space Solar Power Incremental Demonstrations and Research Project will allow to direct energy from space directly to remote bases regardless of the terrain, climate, weather conditions and other factors that, with ordinary scenario, could prevent the delivery of fuel.

At the moment, the project mentioned is not so much known, but the recently research laboratory Air Force Research Laboratory has published a video on Youtube, which outlines the basic idea of ​​the American military. It is worth noting that the AFRL laboratory also deals with the development and integrations of advanced combat management technologies for the US Air and Space Forces. “Providing reliable energy supply of an advanced operational base is one of the most dangerous components of ground military operations. Convoes and supply lines are the main goal for the enemy, “the published video says.

The use of terrestrial solar energy is limited to different factors, including territorial and climatic. If the solar panels would be deployed in the Earth’s orbit, the military could have unhindered stable access to the energy required to provide bases.

The problem is to find energy transfer technology that will be collected in space. The AFRL plan is to transform collected solar energy into radio frequencies, followed by the transfer to the land where host antennas will convert them to useful power. What time frames are planned to implement the project in practice, while it is unknown.

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