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Virgin Galactic appointed SPACESHIPTWO spacecraft test flight on Saturday – Company shares jumped to a quarter

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The value of Virgin Galactic securities jumped over 20% at today’s bidding. It happened after the space company announced the date of the next test flight of the SpaceSHIPTWO ship (VSS Unity). The first flight of the spacecraft after the unsuccessful launch in December last year will be held in the nearest Saturday, May 22.

Image: Virgin Galactic

According to available data, Virgin Galactic engineers have completed the Maintenance of the WHITEKNIGHTTTWO media (VMS EVE), which is used to start the VSS Unity ship. The need for maintenance and caused the reason for which the company was forced to transfer the date of the next test flight.

Against the background of the news about the upcoming start, Virgin Galactic promotion jumped in price by almost 25% at the beginning of trading, but in a longer perspective, their cost decreased somewhat. At the time of writing this article, the company’s shares were traded at $ 19.35 for one valuable paper, whereas before the opening of trading one shares of Virgin Galactic cost $ 17.27.

The company continues to work on the completion of a series of test flights of its spacecraft. Ahead of the Virgin Galactic four more test flights, after which the company will be able to start commercial activities, within which space tourism services will be provided. The last test flight VSS Unity took place in December last year and ended due to engine malfunction. Initially, repeated tests were to be held in February of this year, but the company decided to transfer them to better prepare and minimize the likelihood of re-occurring problems.

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