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Wistron Foldbook convertible tablet features a giant flexible display

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The renowned Taiwanese electronics company Wistron has unveiled a concept computer called the Foldbook that can be used in a variety of modes.

In its basic state, the gadget is a tablet equipped with a giant flexible display – with a diagonal of 17 inches. This screen can be folded in half. Built-in speakers and two USB Type-C ports are provided.

By flexing the device, you can activate laptop mode. In this case, a removable keyboard can be attached to the lower half of the gadget, which will increase the convenience of typing and performing everyday tasks.

For Foldbook, it is possible to use a special docking station with a large speaker and a set of ports – HDMI, Ethernet, USB Type-A, etc. By installing the device in this station and placing the aforementioned keyboard next to it, you can form an analogue of a monoblock computer.

While the Foldbook exists only in the form of a concept, and therefore the technical characteristics of the unusual transformer are not disclosed. Whether the device will make it to the commercial market is not clear.

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