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AMD patent explaining the principle of operation of the image scaling technology FidelityFX Super Resolution

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In the Database of Patent Machines and Commodity Signs of the United States, an AMD document was found, which explains the principle of operation of Gaming Super Resolution (GSR) technology. Presumably we are talking about image scaling technology in FidelityFx Super Resolution (FSR), which is analogous to NVIDIA DLSS technology, which is used in Turing and Ampere video cards.

AMD indicates that Gaming Super Resolution is based on the principle of interference. According to the company used today, image processing methods use linear scaling functions, but this approach can lead to blurring or output image distortions, since in this case the advantages of nonlinear methods of information processing are not taken. The document also indicates the disadvantages of ordinary neural networks, which generalize information and are trained to work without a significant knowledge of the features of the processing object. Also, AMD notes that the methods of using deep machine learning algorithms do not take into account the features of the source image, which can lead to distortions of colors and loss of parts on the final image.

AMD offers the use of a solution at which a combination of linear and non-linear zoom benefits is applied, which allows you to save and improve the accuracy of the transmitted information. The company indicates that its approach allows you to create “high-quality approximations of images and to ensure a high level of frame rate”.

«The processing method with ultra-high resolution allows you to increase processing performance. It implies the receipt of an input image that has one resolution and generation based on linear and nonlinear versions with a reduced level of discretization by means of a neural network for linear and nonlinear scaling. In addition, the method involves converting the versions of the input image with reduced sampling in the pixels of the output image with higher than that of the first resolution and its subsequent display, “specified in the patent.

It also indicates that the technology can operate on the basis of a wide variety of hardware data processing platforms, including CPU and GPU and based on their cluster blocks. According to AMD, GSR technology can be used in computers, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, game devices, as well as in the composition of TV consoles and televisions, which confirms its cross-platform.

The company filed a patent application back in November 2019, however, in open access, the document came only now. Earlier, AMD stated that, unlike NVDIA DLSS, FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology will be available on different devices, including the latest game consoles that use RDNA 2 graphic architecture.

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