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American business began to lobby exemption from the prison chapter Samsung

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Companies from the USA urge the President of South Korea to free from the conclusion of the chairman Samsung Lee Jae-Yong (Lee Jae-Yong). The main argument is an opaire billionaire must support the desires of the United States to reduce dependence on the supply of microchips from abroad by the development of production in the United States.


While Samsung weighs the possibility of multi-billion dollar investments in the production of chips in the United States – in Texas, Arizona and New York. In the meantime, Jener is serving a prison sentence for bribing the previous Korean President, and the United States is in dire need of their own sources of microchip, the supply of which is violated by a pandemic.

At the very beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden (Joe Biden) announced a plan for fifty-billion dollar investments in the production of chips in the United States. The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea has already unobtrusively warned the current president of the country of Moon Zhene Ina (Moon Jae-in) that the status of South Korea as the state-of a strategic partner of the United States will risk if Samsung, as one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers, will not be fully involved in the implementation of the Bayden project.

«We believe that the pardon of the most important representative of Samsung in the best economic interests of both the US and South Korea, “quotes Financial Times representatives of the American business. The call coincided with the visit of Moon Zhe in Washington to meet with Joe Biden, which should take place on Friday.



Formally, the 52-year-old businessman retains control over the company and from prison, but the national peculiarities of doing business in South Korea can limit its influence in its own company on such a “distance”.

Although the pardon in the conclusion of businessmen and politicians is a phenomenon in Korea, distributed to decades, the current president came to power under the slogans of combating such practices. A public opinion is also played by public opinion, because in the country, far from everyone agrees with the early liberation of the criminal serving the 18-month punishment, and supporters of the president’s predecessors, who are also sitting in prison, may also require liberation of politicians.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea is a formally non-political organization whose participation in which is taken about 800 American companies. In addition to them, the pardon chapter Samsung is supported by many South Korean corporations.

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