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AMPERE A1 ARM-instances appeared in the Oracle cloud: up to 160 cores and 1 TB RAM

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Oracle, as promised last year, presented in their cloud solutions based on AMPERE ALTRA Q80 ARM processors – it’s time to defeat the investment. The company also told about what efforts she accepted with Ampere for the development of the ARM server ecosystem.

Two types of instances AMPERE A1: BARE-METAL and VM.S.Standard.a1.flex family virtual machines are presented. In the first case, you can get up to 160 cores, 1 TB of memory and two 50-Gbps / s connections. In the second – from 1 to 80 OCPU and memory from the settlement from 1 to 64 GB on the OCPU, but not more than 512 GB on VM. The network connection speed is 1 Gbps for each OCPU, but not more than 40 Gb / c. Available connection from 2 to 24 VNic.

In the case of ampere instances, one OCPU corresponds to one physical core with the same stream. The cost is $ 0.01 / hour for one OCPU, that is, at least two and a half times cheaper than X86-64. In the latter, however, one OCPU is equal to one physical core with two threads. The cost of memory and there, and there is the same – $ 0,0015 / hour for 1 GB. There are ready images from Oracle Linux Cloud Developer 8, Oracle Linux 7.x / 8.x, Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04. In addition, Ampere A1 can also be used within the CONTAINER ENGINE FOR KUBERNETES (OKE). Over time, AMPERE A1 instances will be available in all cloud regions, as well as within Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer.

The company positions novelties as a general purpose servers, for in-memory DBMS and caching, for the in-Memory, for some HPC tasks, as well as a platform for developing and debugging mobile applications. In particular, Canonical announced support for Ampere A1 for Ampere A1 Ubuntu, but also AnBox Cloud. This solution allows you to run Android containers and emulate thousands of a variety of Android devices. In general, Oracle suggests that new ARM instances in many challenges are more profitable than decisions based on x86-64, and offer better productivity scaling with increasing nuclear number, as well as increased safety.

The company optimized to work on ARM a number of its key products – Oracle Linux, Java, Graalvm, MySQL – and added support for popular CI / CD solutions and development tools. Ampere, in turn, was engaged in porting and adapting popular platforms, applications, frameworks and development tools. And in order to stimulate the transfer of software on the ARM architecture, Oracle has created a separate portal for developers and has prepared several offers for companies and individuals.

First, 4 OCU AMPERE A1 and 24 GB of RAM were added to the Always Free complimentary package, from which you can collect from one to four instances. Secondly, as part of Oracle Cloud Free Tier, you can get $ 300 per account and spend them within 30 days. Finally, Oracle launched the Arm Accelerator Program program, which is oriented by Open Source projects, universities, major developers and so on. Participants whose application will be approved, free access to the cloud will receive free.

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