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Biomutant – under the load of own ambitions. Review

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Played on PlayStation 4

Four years ago at the “Igromir” (Eh, once the events took place in theline!) I really liked the demo Biomutant. The project not only looked and played as an intriguing mixture of Devil May Cry and The Legend of Zelda, but also offered a rather entertaining postpocalyptic world with anthropomorphic animals. For one of them, deftly flying with a sword and a fire man, and was offered to play. Perhaps the version was only a vertical slice, but the representatives of Experiment 101 were already confidently declared a duration, and commercials showed a clearly project that was not at an early stage of creation. But the years went, and Biomutant for some reason did not go out. At some point, the news began to appear that the studio decided to turn around to fully and seriously expand the game. Well, if the plans included collect all the problems of modern open worlds, then Experiment 101 was definitely possible. All the rest is desperately lacking polishing and budget.


⇡#Welcome to the open world. # 1569327835345

I have long wondered why there are relatively small studios from a couple of dozen people – Experiment 101 just from those – once over time they are trying to create gigantic worlds that they are clearly not on the teeth. Not even in technical terms, but in terms of the number of people and resources necessary to fill the game with interesting tasks and the study of the gameplay at a decent level. The guys from Ninja Theory Gorna Hellblade have shown that small projects built around a couple of cool ideas can shoot and without several tens of “Content”. Biomutant The same, saddling the wave of ambitions, climbing with aaa-heavyweights and, of course, could not do this. If there is an adjective, ideally suitable for it, then they will be the word “thickening.”

And this cobble is felt in everything, from the combat system and collecting production before narration and setting. The game seems to be trying to speak on the themes of ecology and environmental pollution, because civilization, living before the animals, extinct, seems to be just because of this. However, only side tasks with a boring search for posters and stands with information – the revelations of the Horizon Zero Dawn level are not expected to wait. Basically, the quest there was a vicious circle of revenge and desire (or reluctance) to break it, but everything is so shaky and schematically, that the story does not passion and does not intrigue.

Для активации точки быстрого перемещения её нужно, кхе-кхе, пометить!

To activate the point of rapid movement, it is necessary, Khe-Khe, mark!

From above, the karma system was knocked on it and they say: “Wanderer, here are two ways: white and black. But remember that the light is not always good, but darkness is not necessarily evil. ” In the future, Biomutant does nothing to somehow prove it in practice. Here it is impossible to become a disgusting scum, for which it is disgusting to play, as in Infamous or Fable. The goodness road also does not really lead to anything, but to be in the “gray zone” will not give – only two options for the development of events are offered at key points.

However, the worst thing is that the characters are completely impossible to empathize. On the screen, the drama may unfold on the screen, but it does not work for one reason: all the actors Biomutant – fluffy reference books without any personality and character, speaking empty, template phrases. The only purpose of their purpose is to pump the player terms and send it first at one point, then to another, and after – to the third. Moreover, the animals cannot be issued all at once – it is necessary to return to them at each stage so that they are once again sent the hero back. Similar identical chains are repeated as much as four times with different “scientists”. Just by the number of monsters that need to be destroyed before they finally eat the roots of the tree of life. The animals with which you have to interact in the plot, almost no different from ordinary NPC, which can be found in the villages. Is that chatting longer.

No less frustrating the structure of the “scenery”. Some of the basic missions where they do not force to run there and back to search for items, worked really well. There are few such tasks, and on others it can be seen how it was trying to fight a useless open world to the game. At some point you will simply do not be allowed until you win in the clan struggle. How to do it? In the best traditions of Ubisoft, the times of Far Cry 3 – that is, capturing a bunch of cashposts. And the camp of each of the groups does not differ in the layout in general – they simply had a “Copy-Insert” method on the map. True, in contrast to the Games “Yubei”, where you can turn the fighting for different scenarios, in your style, to enter any of the parties and so on, Biomutant offers another curved solution. The attack on the camp is just one linear mission where you need to kill the commander or persuade him to surrender, or kill the guards, or break some items.

«Последние из нас: Часть 3. Месть фурри»

«The last of us: Part 3. Revenge of Furri “

From such a single thing, I want to cry out after a pair of goals, and when a little later, you are sent to win new territories, the game turns into torture. The developers, apparently, at some point they understood, so after the capture of the second clan Biomutant offers to cope with the remaining … automatically! Or continue to engage in routine yourself, but who will do it in the right mind? And here there is another question. What the hell in the game do all these camps when the gigantic portion of the main quest, tied to them, can I just skip? Moreover, without any damage to the plot and anything else. If there was an idea to show the war of clans, it failed, because there are no interaction between them. You just come, where they said, and select all yourself.

⇡#Warm, collect

The same “why?” You can ask for mining, craftting and pumping systems. The hero’s bag is a huge number of different equipment itself, but most often it turns out to be useless trash. The situation is very reminded by Darksiders 2, when because of the abundance of anyone, they simply cease to pay attention to the fact that it rolls in his pocket. I generally passed Biomutant with weapons and clothes found in the first hour three or four, because I did not find anything better. Unless caught a couple of irrelevant modifications on them. The game does not motivate something to change something. The damage caused by enemies, even seriously above the level, in any case is sufficient, and if someone is too violently waving his paws, then you can simply shoot the enemy, winding the circles around him (hello games of the nineties and starts zero!). All battles, even with bosses, and pass – from the old need to combine the near and distant battle, which was shown in the demo 2017, there was no trace.

Because of this, the potentially entertaining system of craftting is suffering. Theoretically, it allows you to assemble a cool sword from undergraduate materials or a cool “Wundervafron” straight from Warhammer 40,000 guns. You can choose everything: from butts and handles to blades, clippers, bodies, trunks and sights. You only need to find the necessary details. In fact, there is no sense to do this. Is that of the aesthetic considerations or trying to make at least some kind of diversity – all the same enemies are perfectly dying from what you will find in plot dungeons.

Я сделалЪ!

I did!

The skills turned out even worse. Not only are there in Biomutant already three types of points needed to get new skills (once again – why?!), So also the ability themselves. You buy them, you use a couple of times, you say “Yeah, understood”, and that’s it. Some benefits in battles they do not give, damage is not really applied – why the desire to use them instead of weapons should appear, it is not clear.

Although Biomutant still managed to “break down”. It happened when I spat on all these seizures of the territories and dull endless “Find-Bring” and went where the eyes look. At sunset, it went to the abandoned settlement and began to learn him under nice music. Invented the stories of the people who lived here, and then in one of the basements found another running treadmill. Included, stealing, rested. He went out into the street, finished with the inspection of the rest of the buildings and wandered down the street to meet the incoming sun. It would be cool if the game was told about a lonely animal who went far, far to study the remnants of ancient civilization! The problem here is that when I was tired of entertaining myself (and this happened pretty quickly), all the magic had instantly evaporated. The project has no intelligent narration through the environment, all the dwellings and bunkers look a plus-minus equally, and inside the most often there is nothing valuable from a gaming or narrative point of view. After some time, you understand that the need or desire to “vacuum” locations are simply not.

Большие враги любят застревать везде. А если отойти за невидимую границу их обитания, то они ещё и здоровье восстановят полностью — придётся всё начинать заново

Large enemies love to stick everywhere. And if you move out for the invisible border of their habitat, then they also restore health completely – it will have to start again

Experiment 101 tried a small team to make a huge game with a considerable number of ideas, but none of them really works. Why biomutant Open peace when he is dead and only delays the passage by the giant number of tasks like “Find-Bring”? Clan war was interesting on paper, but it turned out to be monotonous seizure of cashposts. In the “new game +”, by the way, it is proposed to conquer them – dried up – re-on. The karma system is present for the type, just to say that there are several endings in the game. Production and crafting are nominally, but in the absence of motivation, any special benefits are not carried. The plot, although it tries to raise interesting topics, is so schematic that some desire to monitor what is happening does not cause.

Was there four additional years of development to engage in the construction of this volumetric and pate design? Definitely not. Be biomutant with a relatively small, concentrated adventure, she could have something to work out. However, what happened in 2021, not to be called a solid game. Its fragmented parts live their own, inflamed life. Here, of course, there are a few entertaining moments, but they are enough of the strength for several tens of minutes. Where to spend on research 65+ hours than the developers were recently jammed.


  • Entertaining crafting system;
  • Cute anthropomorphic animals.


  • The game was pile of everything, but forgot it to work normally. As a result, it is constantly bumping into it on corrunette, then on an annoying, then on completely useless mechanics. It does not work as a whole thing;
  • Boring, sketchy plot.

Graphic arts

In some places, the game gives a cool picture, and in general the design is nice. The frame rate may not like, but I do not exclude that another patch will appear on the release day, which will correct this business.


Music is pleasant, but the storyteller frankly infuriates his desire to comment on every bit. Its fervor can be informed in the settings, but it will not be possible to get rid of the whole, since it “translates” the Tarabarshchina, on which animals say. In other words, all the dialogues are voiced by one voice.

Single player game

The main part of the game consists of identical quests, where you will be required to come somewhere, pick up something and bring back there. Or capture camps. Something more inventive will come across from time to time, but there are few such tasks.

Collective game

Not foreseen.

General impression

The desire to take an AAA in conditions of limited resources was played with Biomutant a sinker. It can be seen that the game was thought of ambitious and large-scale, but none of the ideas laid in her were brought to mind, but what is, not folded into a solid project.

Rating: 4.5 / 10

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