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Bitcoin collapsed to $ 30 thousand – more than twice from the april maximum

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Today, for cryptocurrency will be called a black environment – the courses most digital currencies have collapsed for a two-digit number of interest. So Bitcoin fell below $ 32 thousand for a token – there was no such course with the last numbers of January of this year.

Image Source: CNBC.com

According to the data submitted at the time of writing news on the CoinDesk website, over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin rate collapsed by about 19%. At the time of the maximum fall, the course was only about $ 30,700, but by the time of writing the note was already above 35 thousand dollars. At the same time, about a month ago, Bitcoin cost more than $ 60 thousand. That is, since then he fell almost twice.

The second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum collapsed even more. During the day, the price collapsed by more than 27%. The peak minimum cost amounted to less than $ 1950, and at the time of writing the news, it was the course several above $ 2400. Similar courses from Ether were observed about a month ago. And just a week ago, Ethereum traded more than $ 4,300.

Cryptovalum courses began to gradually decline not so long ago. This week, the decline spoiled Ilon Max, stating that Tesla suspends the sale of electric vehicles for bitcoins due to their non-environmentality. However, today’s fall is associated primarily with those who have adopted new restrictions on cryptocurrencies, banning local financial institutions to provide services related to digital finance services.

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