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Curse of the Dead Gods is a cursed old temple. Review

8 min read

Played on PC

An unnamed adventurer recklessly enters the ancient temple – to profit from priceless relics. But after a couple of moments, the unlucky adventurer will regret choosing a trade: a massive stone slab blocks the exit with a crash, leaving only one way – forward, into the gloomy and ominous depths of the divine tombs. There, in the corridors and halls shrouded in darkness, bloodthirsty ghouls, deadly traps and, of course, inevitable death await … But death does not solve the hero’s problems, because the ancients have their own plans for an uninvited guest: again and again they will resurrect him, forcing him to participate in bloody merrymaking, then encouraging, then cursing …

The ability to appear spectacularly is especially appreciated among the ancient gods.

⇡#Walk in Eldor Hell

Each of the gods has prepared for us his own obstacle course with his own ideas about misadventures. T’amoka, the jaguar deity, arranged spiked traps in the floor and flamethrowers in the walls for the plunderer; In addition, explosive barrels are helpfully placed here, with the help of which you can both thin out your enemies and blow yourself up inadvertently. The halls of Ya-atz, the goddess-eagles, are no less “welcoming”: the shocking number of electric motors and cunning thunderous devices will not let you get bored neither in battles, nor in moments of calm in the transitions between the halls. The poisonous arenas of Sih’-al perfectly reflect its serpentine essence: here they will pour poison abundantly from the walls, and try to strangle them with evil gas, and local living roots accurately and painfully hit the hero, like massive tails of reptiles.

But the deadly environment is a small part of our worries. The unfriendly inhabitants of the ancient temple, serving a particular deity, will deliver no less problems. With all their kind and methods of inflicting pain, various lurkers, guards and priests reflect the philosophy of the higher authorities. Eagle adepts are swift and brandish electrically charged weapons; snake fans are terribly toxic, and even regularly send damage; and adherents of the jaguar prefer to set fire to everything they see, and sometimes do not hesitate to resort to blood magic. Ordinary enemies, as it should be, have two varieties – ordinary and elite, which have a larger supply of health and increased destructive potential.

Умелые парирования и ловкие уклонения — залог выживания. Главное, не истратить всю выносливость…

Skillful parries and dexterous evasions are the key to survival. The main thing is not to waste all your stamina …

Having made his way through the darkness of opponents and passing through eight sections of the temple, the “researcher” will meet with the champion – an enemy filled with divine power, to grapple with which without proper preparation is a real suicide. For our luck, on the way to it, there will be repeated opportunities to strengthen the body, soul and weapons. Most sections of the temple have an altar with a reward; what – we choose ourselves, thinking over the route. Planning will have to be meticulous, since the success of the campaign depends on the received buffs as much as on the divine dexterity of the fingers. It is not an easy dilemma to increase the characteristics of a weapon and add a powerful property, or invest in yourself or even go to the section where you can replenish shaky health. As well as the choice between currencies for payment …

⇡#I will die damned

The accumulated gold is not always enough for the necessary improvement, new weapon or relic. Sometimes the coveted plus sign to the characteristics is not typed quite a bit, but the invisible shopkeeper is adamant: he does not give discounts, and either lay out the required amount, or pay with what is in abundance … for example, with blood. Such a deal may seem profitable, because even health will not decrease from the offering … but do not be fooled! By paying with an alternative method, passing through the doors between the sections or taking special damage, the player fills the corruption scale. And as soon as it reaches the limit, the hero will be cursed.

На освещённых участках герой получает меньше урона и порчи. Мало света? Подожги врага!

In lighted areas, the hero takes less damage and damage. Little light? Set the enemy on fire!

And then – how lucky: dark spells can both break the usual foundations of the passage, and, suddenly, help in the campaign. For example, the “trap chests” curse turns loot chests into aggressive recluses, but if you skillfully parry the attack of the treasure chest, you can get not one, but two valuable items. Or the “golden curse”, which reduces damage received by twenty-five percent, but at the expense of gold, which will henceforth be deducted from the account with each received enemy poke. Course: one point of damage – one gold. There is also an interesting “offering from the heart”, which allows you to stop “earning” spoilage for purchases with blood and instead receive health damage (although at the time of writing the text the effect did not always work for some reason).

Others are less pleasant, which, for example, enhances various traps, cause hallucinations when receiving damage, passively increase the level of damage, or generally hide information about all other curses from the player, forcing the diagnosis to be determined empirically. Although it is difficult to live with all this “bouquet”, it is possible … Until the fifth curse comes, it is always the same – “the truth of Balts’aloka”, continuously knocking down the level of health to a critically uncomfortable value of one unit …

Оружие на алтарях — дело случая. Повезёт — и поход пройдёт блестяще, нет — придётся страдать... проще сдаться и начать новое исследование

Weapons on altars are a matter of chance. Lucky – and the hike will be brilliant, no – you have to suffer … it’s easier to give up and start a new research

So it’s not worth starting a mental illness. It is good that there are a lot of ways to heal: you can “lose” the curse by defeating the champion, and the scale of damage itself can be “knocked down” by various tricks. The most reliable property is a property for a weapon or relic, which removes one value for each killed enemy. But it still needs to be found, which is difficult. So you should not give up alternative options – reducing the damage sent from going through doors, reducing the scale for offerings, or even restoring health for critical attacks.

⇡#With blood and a whip

Alas, the hero’s loyal machetes and revolver, with which he came to the temple, are not quite suitable for the ambitious goal of overthrowing the gods. Something more powerful is needed here. Fortunately, in the bowels of the temples, there is a whole arsenal for any combat taste: from claws, which inflict, albeit weak, but rapid series of blows, to massive two-handed hammers, striking rarely, but crushingly. In total, an adventurer can carry three types of weapons with him, not counting the torch, which, by the way, can also be used for defense, although not very effectively. The main weapon is assigned to the left mouse button and includes combat makans, glaives, blades, throwing knives – everything is in an assortment and with unique properties such as inflicting critical damage on a target that has strayed from the team, or bonuses from a certain characteristic of the hero.

Боги одаривают милостью и благословением исключительно за звонкую хрустальную валюту...

Gods bestow mercy and blessings exclusively for the sonorous crystal currency …

The secondary weapon complements the primary weapon, and some weapon combinations are capable of inflicting colossal damage. For example, finishing a series of attacks with a whip or revolver will bring down health to everyone who is in the radius of destruction, and a shield or stiletto will better cope with neutralizing a single target. You can also give preference to two-handed weapons – a bow, hammer or a huge sword. Heavy weapons and damage inflict corresponding – deadly; but endurance with them also burns out rapidly, which can be unpleasant for the player to come back with damage from a missed hit by a champion or boss. And he can kill …

⇡#Overthrowing the dead gods

Passing locations and overthrowing their divine guardians, the hero opens up other areas for exploration – longer, more dangerous and with a new champion waiting in the final of the race. Having overcome this obstacle, the player opens up distant horizons – the most extensive dungeons, where bosses – the avatars of the ancient gods – await. But even this limit is not eternal. Soon, the incarnations of I-atz, T’amoka, and Sih’-al will be smashed by blows of the “burning lash” or “killer of the titans”, and finally … the main adventure will begin.

Фонтан восстанавливает жизненные силы, но накладывает порчу… Пейте отсюда только при крайней необходимости!

The fountain restores vitality, but imposes damage … Drink from here only when absolutely necessary!

The final expedition is unusually harsh. Every eight sections you have to fight not with the champion, but with the boss-avatar. And even the extortion of the latter, it’s too early to relax – after all, the last frontier conceals … Let’s not spoil the impression, but let’s say this: everything that came before will seem like an easy warm-up. And, most likely, due to the death, the campaign will have to be repeated. And then again …

Here Curse of the Dead Gods begins its first tangible problems with maintaining interest – the races no longer give … at least something fresh. At the threshold of the culmination, all possible types of weapons will be opened, talents obtained, and combinations – studied (bottomless game content, as in Dead Cells, is, alas, not here). And therefore, over and over again to indulge in all seriousness begins to bother. Known trouble, but some studios have found a solution to it. For example, in the godlike Hades, the problem was mitigated by a narrative feast and a subtle disclosure of relationships between characters. Here, alas, there is no developed storyline, no characters (except for the main character, of course), no relationships of any kind – only battles with studied opponents along and across, over and over again. The excitement in this, of course, is lost over time.

Эффектная особенность: если толкнуть горящего врага в облако газа, произойдёт мощный взрыв

Spectacular Feature: Pushing a burning enemy into a cloud of gas creates a massive explosion

Not to say that this is a titanic problem, because we are talking about the fiftieth hour of the game. But the entire near-final routine greatly smears the impression of the work as a whole and deprives it of some harmony and integrity, so skillfully built before. And the resource for repeated playthroughs here is small – after the main campaign, only the regularly updated special tests have potential.


But, in general, all claims to Curse of the Dead Gods are insignificant and are lost against the background of its first-class game content, spectacular style and tons of combat features. Albeit not divine, but a very worthy candidate for several (dozen) exciting evenings.


  • Many weapons, talents, items, blessings and their combinations;
  • Luxurious and aesthetically consistent picture;
  • Interesting mechanics of curses;
  • Entertaining combat system.


  • Sometimes the gods of luck turn away from the player too revealingly;
  • Overly exhausting final hike …
  • …Before the start of which everything that the game has to offer will be studied

Graphic arts

The skillfully stylized entourage of the ancient civilizations of Central America, the skillful play with light and shadows and the unusually spectacular effects do their job – your eyes rejoice every second in the game!


The atmosphere is skillfully supported by sound: an ominous chorus of whispers, harsh sounds from blows, intense music in fights – everything is in its place and creates the right mood.

Single player game

An entertaining “bagel” that can easily drag on for more than forty hours.

Collective game

Not foreseen.

General impression

Aesthetically consistent, full of spectacular action and many remarkable nuances – all this about Curse of the Dead Gods. It’s a pity, it fizzles out earlier than we would like.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

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