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EPSON WORKFORCE PRO WF-C879RDTWF MFP Overview: Economy on large volumes

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Epson office MFPs, intended for large print volumes, moved to the technology of replaceable ink containers instead of traditional cartridge replaceable. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of printing and the cost of ownership by the device in general. The manufacturer assures that savings can reach 50% compared to similar color and black and white laser devices and even offers to use a special online calculator, which will clearly demonstrate the difference in the cost of ownership of a model (depending on your printing needs) compared with the models of competitors.

In the MFP series, Epson Rips has several devices, with one of which we managed to get acquainted in the Epson Demonstration Hall. We conducted a full-fledged exit testing of the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF model, evaluating the quality of printing and scanning documents, as well as performance. In addition, we learned more about the technologies used in the novelty and, of course, made a lot of interesting photos.

⇡#Specifications and Supplies

Duza black ink: 800.
Dyza colored ink: 800 for each color.

IEEE 802.3AZ (Energy Saving Ethernet);
USB 2.0 type b
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n и Wi-Fi Direct, 2,4 ГГц

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2019
MacOS 10 and above

In readiness mode: 24.
In standby mode: 1.2.

We did the most interesting discovery for yourself at the very beginning of acquaintance with the novelty. It turns out that in the Rips Series devices (Replaceable Ink Pack System – “System of Replaceable Ink Containers”), including Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF, not laser, and inkjet printing technology! It is this key feature that made it possible to radically reduce the cost of printing and the cost of ownership of the device as a whole. Inkjet printer does not have such a number of consumables in the design, like laser. In the process of the entire life cycle of any RIPS model, only periodic replacement of cartridges and tanks for waste ink is required. Inkjet piezoelectric technology does not require time to warm up (at all does not use heating, unlike laser technology), due to which the first page is reduced. Yes, and the consumption of electricity in such an MFP is significantly lower compared to laser models.

And if all the arguments listed above are not difficult to agree, then that has developed for years among the ordinary consumer – a home or corporate – stereotype about the advantage as a press of office documents on the “Laistor” compared to the “jack” to break hard. In modern inkjet printers EPSON for printing uses pigment ink Epson Durabrite Ultra. With them, prints are obtained not only with bright and rich, but also waterproof, resistant to abrasion and fading, they instantly dry and do not smear when the marker is selected. And all this even when printing on ordinary office paper.

Well, the notorious drying ink in the printer head is valid only for periodic rare print. Models intended for printing a large number of documents, this ailment is not exactly terrible. The new MFP is equipped with an Epson Precisioncore printing head with a function of checking and compensation. That is, when the scored dyme is detected (for example, due to paper dust), the printer compensates for the point to increase the size of the drop in the adjacent nozzles, and after the print job is completed, it will automatically start the cleaning.

Piezoelectric printing system Epson Precision Core allows you to start printing immediately after the printer is turned on: there is no stove – no need to warm it up. According to the manufacturer, the first printed page user can get through a record 5.5 second after sending a print job. But the overall print speed at Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF is also high. In the Chernovik mode, the speed reaches 35 pages per minute for A4 format documents. With Normal Print Quality, this figure is reduced to 25-26 pages per minute.

The total capacity of the built-in MFP feed trays in the standard configuration is 900 sheets, but with the help of the trays additionally installed below, this value can be increased to 1900. Total can be installed three additional tray. In this case, the MFP requires the installation not on a stand or table, as an out of the box and onto the floor. This uses a special stand that guarantees the stable position of the device. Like additional feed trays, the stand can also be purchased separately. All trays are configured and can be used for paper formats A4, A3 or other, smaller. The output tray is designed for an impressive 250 sheets, which allows you to print even very voluminous documents. But it’s no longer possible to increase the capacitance of the output tray anymore.

The maximum recommended printing volume per month is 75,000 pages. The device comes with a starter set of ink containers, which is enough approximately 700 color and 900 black and white pages. Capacity of standard containers much more. Black ink containers are designed to print 86,000 A4 format pages, and non-ferrous – by 50,000. The cost of one such capacity with blue, yellow or purple ink is about 40.5 thousand, and with black – 31.5 thousand rubles, calculations manufacturer, the cost of printing is 0.37 rubles. For h / w prints and 2,44 rubles. For color (as of March 30, 2021). For those who do not require such printing volumes, there are capacity and smaller: for 20,000 pages. There is no photo brag in this device, so it does not have to change it. Additional consumables will be only a container for waste ink and (only occasionally) rollers for supplying paper.

Other features of MFP are approximately the same as in most office MFPs of different types of printing. Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF model works with all types of connections, including Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct for direct direct printing from mobile devices. We also note that the novelty works with all possible network protocols, as well as postal and cloud services.



Appearance Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF

Externally, Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF MFP is almost no different from similar models. In any case, it is not a laser to recognize in it, but the inkjet printer is impossible. The layout fully meets the adopted standards for office MFPs. Without additional MFP feed trays, you can accommodate on the table or a tamba. Additional trays, depending on their quantity, increase the height of the case. In the maximum configuration with which we got acquainted in the Epson Demonstration Hall, the novelty is installed on a special stand. At the same time, the upper part of the MFP with the scanning module and the automatic feeder of paper turns out to be approximately at the level of the chest of an adult.


Display and control panel

The same level also includes a touch-screen control panel and numerous buttons intended for power management, task interrupts, resetting settings, quickly transition to paper settings and work status, and contacts. And of course, the digital panel is also located here for a dialing or selecting the number of copied pages.


Changing the angle of tilt control panel

Despite large dimensions, the angle of deviation of the panel relative to the vertical can be changed from zero of about two degrees. The change in the angle of inclination of the panel provides comfortable working conditions to people with any increase. Next to the control panel is a USB port to connect external media, which can be used both to print the documents saved on them and to save just scanned.


Auto samples of originals for scanning and output tray

The automatic feeder of originals for scanning and the output tray for them is highlighted in dark. The automatic feeder has an adjustment mechanism for laying paper of various widths, and the output tray is a folding paper holder that does not allow the scanned documents to fall into the floor.


Tablet scanner module

The tablet scanner module with the drop-down lid is also traditional. With it, you can scan books, magazines, duties on thick paper and cardboard. But it is worth noting comfort in working with this module. Despite the fact that the scanner cover turned out to be very weighty, to use it easily and simply. The cover of the lid is smooth and uniform.


Output tray

The floor below placed the print tray with a retractable section, which in the novelty has a solid solid construction. On the tray, there are wings with a side slider that support small dimensions.


Paper feed trays

Under the output tray is the main tray for pure paper. It has a format indicator, and the adjustment mechanism is located inside, allowing you to lay paper of any size. Similarly, additional feed trays mounted below look. From behind, each tray has a revealing wall to extract the paper.



MFP in full configuration

With additional feed trays and stand appearance at MFP Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF becomes completed. Trays have exactly the same dimensions as MFP himself, and even just repeat the buildings of the body.


Optional feed tray

Another paper tray is located at the back – in the top of the case. Unlike all other trays, it is vertically performed. This tray can be used to print on dense media, photo paper, non-standard paper, as well as enlarged media, which simply cannot fit in standard trays.

Interfaces on the back wall of MFP

Under this tray, all connectors and interfaces are located on this tray. On the one hand, there is a USB port of B-type for direct connection of the device to the PC and Ethernet port RJ45. Well, on the other hand, the RJ11 ports for connecting a fax and a power cable connector are located.

Отсек с чернильными ёмкостями

Coupling with ink capacities


Starting kits ink


Standard Ink Sets

The door, which opens access to the ink capacities, is located on the front panel of the case. The containers are soft rectangular packages stacked in special plastic trays. The change of such a container does not require any special knowledge, no skills: pulled out old, installed a new one and inserted the container back. Here is the whole replacement process.

Ёмкость для отработанных чернил

Capacity for worked ink

To gain access to another Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF consumable element, you will need to open the rear housing panel. We are talking about a small container designed to collect worked ink. It is also replaced as simply as the ink containers.


Paper feed mechanism

Механизм автоподатчика оригиналов для сканера

Mechanism of the original originals for the scanner

Here, behind the rear panel, you can consider the entire paper broaching mechanism, which can be learned outside, clean, if necessary, or pull out the paper stuck in it, if this happens. Similarly, you can open the original cover of the original originals for the scanner.

In general, the quality of manufacture, thoughtful design and convenient access to all internal elements of the MFP Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF deserves the highest rating. Well, the minimum number of consumables is a separate huge plus and advantage over laser counterparts.

⇡#Connection and opportunity

Installing a full set of drivers and utilities takes enough time, but it does not require anything from the user, except for confirmation. Also in automatic mode, the initial search for the device on the network and its setting is passed. The system administrator call for help will not have. The latter will only be needed to control access to MFPs or, for example, to create an address book. Everything else is quite able to make anyone who at least once came across the settings of a home printer and scanner.



Print settings

Print settings from Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF is quite a lot. On the main page only the main ones are collected. Here you can select the type of print, format and paper type, number of sides for printing, number of pages on a sheet and scale, image quality. Three options are available: Chernovik, standard and high. On the next page, the user is invited to select a print direction, configure watermarks if necessary, as well as adjusted colors. For additional settings, a separate window is highlighted. Note that the printer has a quiet print mode, in which the performance decreases, but the noise level is significantly reduced.



Properties of MFP

In the properties of the MFP, you can learn about the remaining ink volume, printing queues, the current status of the device and its settings. Here, everything is the same as most similar office apparatuses.


Scan settings

The scanner settings also differ little from those of MFPs from other models. Here you can configure one-sided or double-sided scan, select the image type, file saving format and, of course, permission that can vary from 75 to 1200 dpi.






And copying, and scanning, and even the MFP setting can be carried out by being directly behind its control panel. Sensory LCD screen Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF use conveniently. It is full, with a rigid coating and does not pushed, like some other office MFPs. The multi-page menu is fully Russified, without errors, inaccuracies and conversion oddities.




Copy Settings

When copying and printing (last action available from a connected USB media or cloud service), a user can select print quality, customize the paper type, adjust the scale and even carry out a color correction.





Also a lot and settings for the scan operation.

When scanning, you can select the resolution, file format, scan type, saturation and many other parameters. But the most important thing is that you can choose the location of the files. It can be a network FTP folder, a remote network repository, an email address, cloud storage, a connected USB media or transmission via WSD.

Describe all the possibility of controlling the MFF in the built-in interface within this review is not possible. It is enough to say that the manufacturer managed to make a device relatively independent of computers connected to it, capable of working with any external data carriers or directly connected to it directly by mobile devices. At the same time, we did not notice any difficulties in the setup, questions or need to appeal to the user manual when testing.

Testing. conclusions


The testing of the MFP was to check the print speed and in assessing the quality of the finished fingerprints. To check the print speed, 15 sheets were printed from the PDF format file with a five percent filling in text. The average print speed of the A4 format document on one side of the sheet as standard was just over 24 ppm, that is, 2.5 s per page. In this case, the first page was withdrawn about 6 s. In the draft operation, the A4 page is printed at a speed of 36 ppm, which even faster than the declared value at 35 ppm.


Print time, with

(Subsequent pages / first p.)

Speed, page / min

Printing a text document (on one side of the sheet)

H / w seal, quality highest A4

2,5 / 6,0


Ch / B printing, quality Chernovik A4

1,7 / 6,0


Printing office documents package (on one side of the sheet)

H / w printing, quality standard

4,6 / 8,0


H / w seal, quality draft

3,3 / 8,0


Printing graphs, tables and texts with pictures of slower printing of a five percent standard less than twice, which is quite good. In general, the demonstrated speed of operation is quite enough to fulfill the tasks with a small office.

The second stage of testing was to check the quality of the print. And text, and graphic documents of MFP prints without the slightest distortions that spread out or leaking ink. If print paints used a bit (texts, graphics and any other documents with a low ink filling percentage), then the imprint from the printer comes out completely dry and ready for further work. If photos filled with histogram color or any other similar images are printed, then it is better to wait a minute to completely dry ink, since the usual paper is 80 g / m2 density at the same time becomes a slightly wet. Otherwise, no differences in printing from the laser printer are not seen. For printing images it is better to choose the maximum print quality. For texts and graphs, as well as images without smooth colors and small elements, it is enough to use standard quality. Well, the printing mode in the draft allows you to significantly save toner. The imprint is obtained by black, but quite readable.

Below you can evaluate the quality of the obtained fingerprints with various print quality. All test prints presented in the material were made on an A4 office paper 80 g / m2 format, after which they were scanned with a resolution of 600 dpi and stored in the Adobe Photoshop program in JPG format with maximum quality.



An example of printing a text document in the draft (left), standard (centered) and the best (right) quality



An increase in the obtained images to a natural value indicating the cut-off area (to the left for printing in the draft, in the center – standard and right – the best quality)


Print graphics with the best quality



Enlargement of acquired images to life size with indication of the clipped area

Testing a sheet printing with a homogeneous fill in black color also did not cause any complaints. No background distortion is missing. The same applies to the fill with homogeneous colors. Scanned examples of such prints are presented below.


Example of printing black background and homogeneous colors with the highest print quality

But since we were not a laser, but an inkjet printer, we could not resist and not print a couple of photos on the photo paper on it. Of course, the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF model is not intended for printing photos, but you can choose the photo paper in the print settings. Below are two imprints made with the best quality without any additional settings and treatments.


An example of printing photos

On prints there are small noises, but they are not critical. The only drawback is to distort the color reproduction, but it is corrected by the programmate. Yes, this MFP is not intended to print a highly artistic photo, but for photo printing applicable in books, brochures and presentations, its capabilities will be quite enough.

All the same can be said about the scan quality. Documents are obtained by sharp, with high detail and without the slightest distortion in the color scheme. Below you can see examples of the scanned image with a resolution of 600 dpi stored in JPG format with maximum quality.


Examples of scanned documents



Enlargement of areas of the resulting image to life size with indication of the clipped area

For all time testing, MFPs did not have a single jam or paper damage. Well, by noise level, the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF model is noticeably quieter than laser counterparts. If you activate the quiet printing mode, you can even work with the device, for example, on presentations where silence is required in the hall.


Having released a series of office MFPs Rips, Epson breaks down stereotypes about the unsurpasses of laser printers in a corporate environment. Inkjet printing technology not only did not exist, but also, in many cases, it can become more economical and no less effective substitution.

If we talk about a specific MFP model EPSON Workforce Pro WF-C879RDTWF, then it should be attributed to her advantages:

  • High quality workmanship;
  • Thoughtful design and convenience of working with MFP;
  • Small amount of components replaceable;
  • Huge tanks with ink;
  • Economical printing;
  • High performance;
  • High quality printing and scanning;
  • The ability to print on paper very high density and photobum;
  • The ability to print on very long media;
  • Comfortable integrated interface;
  • Availability of all possible connection methods, including direct printing from mobile devices;
  • A full range of network protocols and administration functions.

In this case, the cost of ownership of the device is significantly lower than that of a similar laser printer from any manufacturer. This is a reason to think if you are just going to purchase MFP into your office.

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