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Exactor supercomputer Frontier will receive Super Energy: 5 thousand SSD and 48 thousand HDD

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The OLCF Computing Center (Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility) of the Okrian laboratory spoke about the features of the architecture of the storage subsystem of the FRONTER complex. Enter this supercomputer is planned by the end of this year. It is expected that he will be the first in the US a high-performance computing system with exphopopsy speed. The complex is based on AMD EPYC chips and Radeon Instinct accelerators. Peak performance is expected to exceed 1.5 EFFLS.

It is reported that the supercomputer I / O architecture consists of two main components: this is an intra-system storage and a distributed ORION storage that uses open solutions Lustre and ZFS. The intrastable storage will use the PCIe 4.0 interface. Read speed will exceed 75 TB / s, recording speed – 35 TB / s. The magnitude of IOPS is over 15 billion.


The ORION will include three levels. The first is an array of 5400 solid-state NVME drives with a total capacity of 11.5 bb. They will provide a peak reading / write speed of up to 10 TB / C, and the IOPS indicator exceeds 2 million. Second level is a system of 47,700 hard drives (PMR). Their total volume will be 679 PBB. Pick reading speed – 5.5 TB / C, peak recording speed – 4.6 TB / s. The IOPS value will be more than 2 million in the third level, intended for metadata, 480 NVME drives will be involved in the total capacity of 10 PBIt.



The Orion will enter 40 nodes for metadata and 450 nodes for the main LUSTRE storage, and the latter will be divided into three blocks: one with high performance and two with high tank. Another 160 nodes will work as “intermediaries” between Frontier and other OLCF resources and platforms. They will provide read / write speed 3.2 TB / s.

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