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Google will again allow advertising cryptocurrency exchanges and services on their sites.

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Since August, Google will allow companies providing cryptocommunicate wallets and stock exchange services to advertise on their platforms. Recall that in 2018, Google banned advertising cryptocurrency and related products after a similar step by Facebook.


From August 3, Google will allow cryptocurrency exchanges and services to show advertising in the search, on YouTube and other resources owned by the company if they are checking. As part of the inspection, the company will find out whether the service proposed for advertising and the requirements of the Fincent American Agency for Combating Financial Crimes. Registration at the federal level in the United States or in a separate state will also be checked.

In general, Google notes that to advertise its services in its products, cryptocurrency companies must comply with the requirements of the US legislation, including any local legislative requirements. You also need to meet Google ADS rules.



Despite the removal of the ban on advertising wallets and stock exchanges, Google will still not allow cryptovalut primary offer to advertise (ICO).

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