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Guide for the choice of smart watches (2021)

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Traditional smart hours

Historical certificate for smart watches, early models and their transition to a satellite device for a smartphone This time we will not do – you can contact our past guide around the world of smart watches, which went scary even write it – in 2014. Today, the topic of the emergence of smart hours is more relevant – the market of wearable devices has already stabilized for quite a long time and took its niches, and the topic of determining smart watches as such and their separation from smart bracelets.

Previously, everything was simple. The bracelet is a compact and very long-term pedometer that can report notifications, and sometimes even the pulse count and check how you sleep. The clock, in addition to the basic sensors, also have GPS (which allows you to use them separately from the smartphone and record, for example, track tracks), the ability to control music from a smartphone, and sometimes even respond to calls thanks to the built-in dynamics and microphone. Also, hours imply embedded training programs and already optional – inThe focus of the manufacturer is “body kit”: from measuring blood saturation before measuring the level of stress.

Today, the differences between bracelets and clock places erased – some bracelets are quite offering training cycles, sometimes have GPS, know how to measure the level of oxygen in the blood and offer the NFC module to pay with the bracelet at the checkout. Yes, bracelets that allow you to answer calls, still you will not meet, but the fundamental difference, in fact, one is the size of the screen. The bracelet is if the screen is less in. The clock is more inches.

Apple Watch of the first generation

However, everything written above has a relationship only, let’s say so, to mainstream. In fact, the varieties of smart watches there is a huge mass. In this material we will try to walk in the main one, designating several important models for each of the sections.

⇡#Traditional smart hours

The main values ​​of smart watches in their initial understanding were enough simple – this is the ability to view notifications and other signals from the phone without getting this very phone. The initial plan was to separate the companion hours from sports hours, but, deepening in the characteristics lists, you realize that all good modern smart watches have comprehensive advantages. Yes, there may be some distortion towards the sensors to track physical parameters or attractive functions for trips, but notBudiigning basic things like mapping notifications or the ability to accept calls.

It turns out that we can talk about a single category “Smart Watch”, in which the differences pass rather along the price and high-quality parameters. There is also a design division – some companies offer “female” and “men’s” versions of hours: on the color execution of the body, the materials of the strap and so on. In our selection, we will not touch them, the choice here is exclusively the case of the consumer taste.

Tag Heuer Connected – пример захода исконно часовой компании на рынок смарт-часов

Tag Heuer Connected – An example of an invalid clock company at the smart watches market

Key features that are worth paying attention if you are looking for a companion watch:

  • Availability of NFC (so as not to get a smartphone when you pay on the checkout),
  • Built-in microphone to be able to answer calls,
  • A large and convenient screen (preferably with an OLED matrix in order to see the image well with bright sunlight),
  • The presence of an adequate application for the best interconnection of the smartphone and clock.

If you plan to actively play sports, then it would seem necessary to pay attention to the built-in pulse sensor, capable of working continuously, built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that allow you to count the steps and distinguish between walking. “It would seem” – because by the fact of these sensors today are equipped with almost any hours of a relatively serious level. There are additional sensors and functions – a pulse oximeter capable of measuring blood saturation with oxygen, altimeter, ECG sensor. They are less common. Also for sportsWatch-insulated The built-in GPS module – you can go on a jog without a smartphone with it, the watch will record the track yourself. Well, the degree of protection: For hours, IP standards are relevant for hours – it is clear that any clock should carry the hitting of splashes or rain – and the pressure that their body is able to withstand when it gets under water. Usually, serious smart watches have a body that can withstand the pressure from five to ten atmospheres, which allows you to calmly swim, without removing the gadget, in the pool or outdoor reservoir andTo be in mind to a depth of several meters.

Apple Watch Series 6

  • Support for the operating system: iOS from version 14 and higher;
  • Screen: OLED, 368 × 448, 1.57 or 1.78 inches;
  • Waterproof class: 5 atm;
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC;
  • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen level, ECG;
  • Built-in memory: 32 GB;
  • Price: from 30 to 70 thousand rubles.

Starting, of course, it stands from those watches – the collateral is still the high popularity of the gadgets of this type. In fact, Apple Watch is a kind of reference point, from which the average buyer of smart watches and their manufacturers are repelled. And Apple Watch 6 can no longer be called purely traditional smart clocks in the above sense – they can boast a very serious sporting functionality: here and constant monitoring of the pulse, and measure the level of blood saturation oxygen, and even the ECG reading (not available in Russia), built-inModimages (and the best application with exciting gamefit), GPS, NFC, metal case and tempered glass, withstanding pressure in 5 atmospheres. They are ideally inscribed in Apple ecosystem, why brand’s supporters usually do not consider other clock models. Disadvantages, however, as vivid, like the dignity, – Apple Watch still does not know how to work with other smartphones, except with the iPhone, they are very expensive, and autonomy do not shine.

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE

Those who want to save and looking for a clock in the company without expressed sports functions, you can pay attention to Apple Watch SE – the ECG sensor and pulse oximeter were removed from them (measurement of oxygen levels in the blood) and installed the past generation processor, which does not affect them work. All the same is not suiced – about 24 thousand rubles, but it is 12-14 thousand rubles cheaper than Apple Watch Series 6.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

  • Support for the operating system: iOS, Android;
  • Screen: Super AMOLED, 1,18 or 1.34 inches;
  • Waterproof class: 5 atm
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC;
  • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, oxygen level in blood, ECG, pressure;
  • Built-in memory: 8 GB;
  • Price: from 22 to 45 thousand rubles.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 в титановом корпусе

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Koreans traditionally occupy a niche “Apple Watch for Android”. And not only Android, of course – the Galaxy Watch can be used with the iPhone. A set of virtues at the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch is approximately the same: the desired set of wireless modules, the ability to answer calls and pay at the box office, good sports functionality (pulse, pulse oximeter, training modes; there is an ECG sensor, and even a tonometer – both functions in Russia is not active), withstands the same pressure in five atmospheres. The screen is also super amoled (still, it’s samsung!), Smaller diagonal than AppleWatch, but round. Autonomy higher, although it will still have to charge the clock every couple of days – but at least not every evening. The price is high, but everything is lower than the hour from Cupertino. Disadvantages – a little weaker software and no Siri (and the Bixby’s corporate voice assistant is not available in Russian).

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

It is also worth saying about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – in fact, it is simply more compact version of Galaxy Watch3, without the functions of measuring ECG and pressure, which today in Russia do not work anyway. And at a more democratic price. A kind of Apple Watch SE, but with a smaller number of compromises.

Schwd2PC1DGC0Dumitum 8th

  • Support for the operating system: iOS, Android;
  • Screen: AMOLED, 454 × 454, 1.2 or 1.39 inches;
  • Waterproof class: 5 atm
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth, GPS;
  • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen level;
  • Built-in memory: 4 GB;
  • Price: from 11 to 18 thousand rubles.


Huawei now has a whole fleet of smart clocks, including almost indistinguishable from Watch Fit bracelet and several Watch GT variations. It is also worth saying about smart hours of Honor – despite the company’s department from Huawei, smart watches and brand brands, in fact, do not differ. Unless design and some insignificant details.

Amazfit GTS 2.

  • Support for the operating system: iOS version from 10.0 and above, Android version from 5.0 and higher;
  • Screen: AMOLED, 348 × 442, 1.65 inches;
  • Waterproof class: 5 atm
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS;
  • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen level;
  • Built-in memory: 3 GB;
  • Price: 13 thousand rubles.

One more step towards more budget devices is performed by AMAZFIT Xiaomi. At the price of 14 thousand rubles, these clocks offer even larger than the Apple Watch, screen (1.65 inches) when copying their design, guaranteed to work under water at a pressure of up to five atmospheres, pulse sensor and pulse oximeter, GPS, built-in memory 3 GB with player function. There is even a barometric altimeter, which will have to taste lovers of mountain trips. They work less than Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, – about a week, but in any case it is muchlonger than apple and samsung. Disadvantages? I think you yourself can already assume – yes, there is no NFC and supporting voice assistants (although in the current year they promise to make friends with Alexa), and the ZEPP application requires refinement. Well, the sensors do not always work perfectly.

As befits Xiaomi (and its subsidiary), the watches under the Amazfit brand today is presented quite a lot – from brutal T-REX, protected by military standards, but in the rest of the following characteristics to GTS 2, before the ultrasound, but curious model NEO. It possesses the design in the style of the 80s and the monochrome screen, but all the basic functions in it are from displaying notifications to the pulse sensor, sleep monitoring and calorie counting.

Fitbit Versa 3

  • Support for the operating system: iOS version from 12.0 and above, Android version 7.0 and higher, OS X;
  • Screen: AMOLED, 336 × 336, 1.58 inches;
  • Waterproof class: 3 atm
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC;
  • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen level;
  • Built-in memory: 2.5 GB;

Describing Fitbit Versa 3, we can almost word for word to repeat written above: aluminum and glass, pulse and oxygen sensors, altimeter, there is a microphone and speaker, the screen with a diagonal of 1.68 inches, built-in memory (2.5 GB). There are GPS, and NFC, in contrast to the above-mentioned Chinese watches, as well as support for Alexa and Google Assistant. But they are slightly less autonomous (up to six days with moderately active use), just more expensive – already about 23 thousand rubles – and do not support Russian.

Garmin came

  • Support for the operating system: iOS, Android, Windows;
  • Screen: AMOLED, 390 × 390, 1.2 inches;
  • Waterproof class: 5 atm
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Garmin Pay;
  • Monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen level;
  • Built-in memory: no;
  • Price: 30 thousand rubles.

Garmin Venu

Garmin came

Garmin has the most careful approach to building a family of his smart watches. You can find a huge number of “crossing” Forerunner clock with a lightweight plastic case; A number of hiking hours of the Instinct series with enhanced housing protection (they are withstanding pressure up to 10 atmospheres) and a monochrome display that consumes the minimum of energy so that they accurately live for several weeks without recharging; Elite Fenix ​​with titanium and steel case worth from 60 to 100 thousand rubles. There are specialized models: DELTA for pilots, Marq Athlete Performance EditionHrmlda professional athletes, Descent for divers and so on. In general, if you have any specific requests, then you are to Garmin.

Garmin Venu2

Garmin venu2.

If you are looking for a “simple” smart watch, you can also contact Garmin. The VENU model is made just in the style of Apple Watch and in design, and on functionality, but with advanced (this is Garmin!) Opportunities. It uses an amoled screen with a diagonal of 1.2 inches instead of more typical for the clock of this brand of transflective – thanks to the organic dial LEDs look more attractive, moreover, animations are added for various modes. Well, along with the already familiar set of functions and sensors (there is a GPS, and a microphone with a speaker, and a sensorPulsa, and a particularly accurate pulse oximeter) There are additional features: the ability to create their workouts in addition to preloaded, more detailed sleep tracking with blood saturation fixation with oxygen and tracking the heart rate. There are no problematic moments in comparison with the above-mentioned AMAZFIT and HUAWEI autonomy, lack of built-in memory (you can not throw music on the clock and listen during jogging), quite a high price (although lower than the Apple Watch) and payment through the GARMIN system Pay, whichSupported everywhere. It is also worth saying that the Garmin Venu 2 model is announced in April, which can collect more detailed information about heart rate frequency.

⇡#Children’s smart watch

A completely different type of smart clocks with completely different requirements. This is a rare type of gadget, the main user of which is not the one who is wears. In fact, we are talking about the child tracking system and emergency communication disguised under the clock. Any childish hours must carry a GPS tracker with the ability to work on a remote device and a SIM card to be able to “call clock”. Everything else is more or less secondary. Take several models of children’s clocks for example. Immediately it is worth notify that, according to reviews,The quality of children’s watches is unstable, and it applies to about all models on the market – analogs of Apple Watch in the world of children’s gadgets do not exist.

Eari Kidphone

An option relative to the “serious” children’s watches with a body, protected according to the IP67 standard (body in children’s watches is almost always plastic, like the glass coating – scratches easily, but it does not fight at all), monitoring physical activity, calm design and integrated voice assistant “Alice” from Yandex. The rest of the functionality is standard: it is possible to call on the selected rooms, and in the Elari Safe Family application you can track the location of the child.

Smart Baby Watch LT05

These hours, unlike the ELARI mentioned above, cannot offer “Alice” and monitoring physical activity, and only they are protected according to the IP65 standard (however, it is not so important – the splashes and rain will be ashamed of both and others, and you should not swim in any alone). But they are equipped with a 4G module that in theory should provide a better connection with the child.


Unexpectedly a large clock with a built-in pedometer and justifying “nonsense” dimensions with a function – support for video calls. Yes, a camera is built into Aimoto Indigo. For better communication, they also support LTE.

Jet Kid Connect

A typical representative of the genus of ultrasound children’s watches (worth 1,400 rubles): everything is necessary on the spot, but in the rest – solid compromises. There is no declared standard of protection (can “drown” simply in the rain), no GPS – definition of location by tower links, that is, the accuracy of the order of a kilometer, keep the charge weakly. At the same time with the child you can talk without special problems.



Garmin Vivomove 3.

We have already spoken above about the huge selection of smart hours performed by Garmin. And yes, the company has a shooting smart watches performed in a combined style. Steel rim, glass covering dial, and under the dial – OLED display, on which you can output some kind of calendar events, call notifications, some information from built-in physical activity sensors, calories, sleep, organism hydration, and so on . There is no embedded NFC and GPS, but as a Vivomove 3 sports device (and many other Vivomove series) are more than capable. I will note I.The fact that the housing of the clock is withstanding pressure up to five atmospheres.

Nokia Steel HR

A little different approach to the idea of ​​a smart chronometer demonstrates Nokia with the Steel HR model. Here, too, steel (the name is straightforward) rim and dial under the tempered glass, but under arrows – not a full-size screen, and an additional small stopwatch with the display of the charge level and monochrome screen that outputs information from the pulse sensor. The rest of the information (pedometer, sleep) is gathering already in the corporate application. About wireless modules, with the exception of the Bluetooth smartphone compound, do not have to speak.

Withings Steel HR Sport

It is very similar to the Nokia Steel HR and withings Steel HR Sport – which is not surprising, because Nokia bought a startup withings in 2016, even in the 2018th way of companies re-soldered. But Nokia Steel HR is just a child of the time of their joint activities. Steel, glass, optional dial and minimalistic monochrome screen, housing, withstanding five atmospheres. But here there is a bit different design and addition in the form of a pulse oximeter.


Smart Watch – Like Ordinary Watches – This is primarily a accessory (no wonder for Apple Watch, a million and one strap of different designs are for sale). So their choice is mainly the appearance and desire to somehow stand out. Actually, you recommend to choose first of all of these considerations: like it – take it.

The remaining parameters for the majority will be secondary, but in general, with sports functions, any watches of the eminent brands, which we attributed to the category “ordinary” are well coped with sports functions. For children, it is better to take children – they are not so much worth it, so that it is too hurt when the child will lose them or disarm them. The price is also important here, and the ability to track the location of the child and contact him, if that. And if you think that costume does not combine with sneakers and ordinary smart clocks with their screens, you can look at Nokia with her classicMinimalisticDizayn or on the same Tag Heuer, if you buy a watch with the goal with which people usually buy Tag Heuer. They are not as functional, but with basic sporting functions and notifications do.

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