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Hewlett Packard Enterprise MSA 6 generation – Available and productive storage systems

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Data storage systems (storage) have always been an important part of the enterprise IT infrastructure, but they are especially claimed now when the amount of data grow very quickly. Moreover, when choosing storage, it is always important to keep the balance between the cost, capacity and performance. Responding to market challenges, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has already presented the sixth generation of inexpensive storage stages of the MSA series.

Often, the term “data storage system” in the mass presentation is associated with expensive and difficult to maintain equipment arrays, which can afford not every company. But this is not the case, and the cost of the storage should not necessarily be extended – and the HPE MSA series refers to the category of available, but at the same time quite serious in terms of solutions characteristics.

This segment in the storage market is so in demand and popular that HPE announced the sixth generation of MSA arrays. From its predecessors, MSA Gen6 took all the best, in particular, compactness – the main chassis still takes only 2U, but its characteristics were seriously improved.

Контроллер HPE MSA Gen6 1060

HPE MSA GEN6 1060 Controller

New MSA controllers received more powerful central processors. Additionally, they are equipped with the dedicated ASIC chips, on the shoulders of which is assigned to accelerate operations with RAID arrays. Such a combination allowed HPE to achieve for MSA of the 6th generation of performance at 325 thousand IOPS at a cost of less than $ 10,000.

In the sixth generation, MSA were significantly revised and improved mechanisms of membrane data storage (Tiering). The manufacturer declares 45% superiority over the MSA fifth generation. At the same time, Tiering 2.0 technology operates in real time, allowing you to do with the “hot” data relatively small SSD.

As before, HPE MSA offers Ethernet or Fiber Channel connections, but port speed has increased – now it is 10 Gbps for Ethernet and 16 Gb / s for FC. SAS ports in the system operate at a speed of 12 Gb / s. True, disk shelves from previous generations MSA will not be able to use.

In total, three models are presented in the MSA series: 1060, 2060 and 2062. Model 1060 is suitable for the most economical customers, it supports the connection of three disk shelves and provides up to 668 TB “Clean” tank. Her maximum performance is 154 thousand IOPS on random operations and 6.6 GB / s on linear. This is more than enough for simple scenarios with predictable load.

Контроллер и дисковые полки MSA Gen6

Controller and disk shelves MSA Gen6

Models 2060 and 2062 are practically no different – both options are supported up to 9 disk shelves and a hybrid configuration. The maximum “net” container is 1.92 PBB, and they reach 325 thousand IOPS and 13.1 GB / s. Both models are suitable for dynamic loads and large-scale solutions. However, MSA 2062 allows you to use Tiering 2.0 straight “out of the box”, since the package includes 2 SSD caching SSDs by 1.92 TB, as well as the Advanced Data Services license.

Disk shelves in MSA Gen6 can be different, designed to install or 12 LFF drives, or 24 SFF. And the youngest version, MSA 1060, can use shelves from more expensive models. With the help of special SAS cables to one controller, four disk shelves can be connected in fault tolerance mode.

MSA Gen6 поддерживает отказоустойчивое подключение дисковых массивов

MSA Gen6 supports a fault tolerant connection of disk arrays

In general, the issues of fault tolerance in MSA 6th generation HPE paid special attention: the SCHD received support for the creation of the MSA Data Protection Plus RAID Groups involving all the drives in the system. The time of restructuring such arrays in the event of a failure is accelerated, according to developer estimates, 25 times, besides, they do not require a mandatory disk “hot replacement” (Hot Spare). It is necessary to say how important the minimization of the “vulnerable state” is for storage.

And thanks to HPE MSA Health Check, this time is even more reduced. This tool uses machine analytics technologies and can work in the cloud, and no additional payment is required – MSA Health Check is completely free for all MSA customers. In addition, in the sixth generation MSA, the control interface is significantly reworked. It is so easy to use that the array setting is even a non-specialist. The instruction is not required, although it can be found on the HPE website.

Интерфейс управления MSA Gen6 прост и интуитивно понятен

The MSA Gen6 control interface is simple and intuitively clear

New ACC HPE MSA support a wide range of drives: it can be both classic hard drives, including models with a spindle speed of 10 and 15k (up to 2.4 TB) and SSD with a volume of up to 3.84 TB. Sed-drives that can encrypt data are available: SSD capacity up to 1.92 TB and HDD with a volume of up to 12 TB.

HPE MSA 6th generation will surely gain popularity as previous models of these storage. For the price starting from $ 7,000, the Customer receives both modern features and high performance and reliability to the simplicity of maintenance and configuration. New storages will be available in September, but customers can already order and configure the system, taking into account their needs.

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