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Inmotion L9 Electrosoamocata Review: Heavy, Powerful, Autonomous

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Scooter is something baby, frivolous. Not transport, but rather a toy, entertainment. Such a point of view existed for many years (and corresponded to the truth), but with the appearance and distribution of electrical scams, it seems, finally lost its meaning. We have repeatedly wrote about various electrical sinks (times, two, three, four), but something like that inmotion L9 has not yet spoken. Modern electrical sinks are also sometimes called electrical cuccuses – and in this case such rapproche does not seem excessive.

This is a large, powerful and more serious model, for nothing that is foldable – it is designed not only and not so much on the road “to the subway” and “from the subway” as the operation including near the roads of general use. The capacity is 500 W, the weight is 24 kg, the reserve of the course of 50 km is another electric bike will not be able to argue with Inmotion L9 by capabilities. Get acquainted with him closer.

Main characteristics

⇡#Appearance and design features

Inmotion L9 makes an impression, still packed, in the box is a hefty, heavy thing that is difficult to associate with what we are accustomed to call the word “scooter”. Alone unpack and remove the device, however, it is quite possible, even if certain physical training is required. I will repeat what is said in joining, – weighs the Inmotion L9 24 kilogram.

At the same time, according to its format, this is a rather typical folding electrospoocamp. The steering column “breaks” from its foundation and can serve as a “handle” for carrying a scooter. However, to say that it is convenient to do this, it is impossible: a maximum of how to transport Inmotion L9 in folded form, it is to roll it on one of the wheels. To bring it through the turnstiles in the subway and the stairs on the stairs is not too comfortable. In this regard, Inmotion L9 is approaching folding bikes, but still remains more convenient due to smaller dimensions.

The length of Inmotion L9 is a little more than 1.3 meters, the height, in turn, is slightly less than 1.3 meters (if you are accurate – 127.5 centimeters).

From the operations you want to make hands at the first assembly – only fixing the steering bolts and install the hook under it, which the steering column is fixed in the folded position (you need a hex screwdriver, it does not require it). In general, Inmotion L9 is ready to work immediately “out of the box.”

Large sizes and high weight are compensated by a serious chassis. Inmotion L9 received shock absorbers both on the front wheel and in the back, as well as a disc brake on the rear wheel. At the same time, there is a recovery, but the familiar in the smaller models of the braking method with pressing the wing to the wheel is not provided – on the back wing, on the contrary, the mark “Don’t Touch”.

In general, the design is quite simple and traditional, without any surprising and seemingly inappropriate on the scooter of elements. The headlight is mounted in the steering block, there is also an information screen and the only button responsible for turning on / off the scooter (long press), for turning on the headlight (single press) and switching the modes of operation (double pressing).

The right handle contains an accelerator caleter, the left is a classic brake handle.

From non-obvious things, I will note the charging connectors – they are immediately two of them. An unusual form, the absence of any pictograms and unsuccessful rubber covers that are almost impossible to insert normally into place (you have to drive down the street with a breakdown plug, risking pour the port with water). They are also located, not where it would be worth expecting – below the foot platform in the front of the scooter, next to the footboard. The footboard, by the way, is also filled with so-so – fixation is not the most clear, slightly strives “breaking up”.

What is natural for a scooter, which can be used on common roads – here is a full-fledged stop signal, tanning when braking, and not an ordinary reflector, as on the scooters of a simpler level.

According to the quality of performance and materials of the issues to Inmotion L9, there is no metallic frame, rubber coating for legs. The playground itself is quite large, both legs are placed on it without any problems – including two legs of the 44th size, like me. Weight distributed successfully – batteries are not hidden in the steering column; At least, not all. The center of gravity in the scooter with a clearance of 85 mm without load is in the end is low, the stability is normal. I will note the unusual detail in the design of Inmotion L9, which, by the way, is characteristic of a company that has made a name on bright monocoles, the LED strips are stretched along the foot platform, which are shoe in blue or with rectilinear motion and red on turns.

User experience

Inmotion L9 is equipped with an electric motor mounted in the front wheel. Its rated power is 500 W, but the manufacturer also declares the peak – already 1000 W. Very seriously.

Scooter can operate in three speed modes: economical (E), ordinary (D) and sports (S). They differ, in addition to the load on the battery, dynamics and maximum speed. In sports mode, Inmotion L9 accelerates to very serious (and prohibited, for example, in Germany for scooters) 30 kilometers per hour. However, the device does not allow to accelerate noticeably above this threshold even under the hill, starting to slow down the engine and holding the speed at 30-32 km / h. In any case, it is just the level of the already mentioned electric bikes, and not the “children’s” scooters. It is also worth saying about the “help” mode when the scooter takes on only a part of the dynamic load, allowing you to be repelled and the foot, but this mode is activated only through the application. Yes, and taking into account the height of the floor site, it seems rather meaningless, push the foot here is simply inconvenient. But there is a convenient cruise control function for the route – it also starts from the application.

The speaker is very good, although Inmotion L9 responds to touching the gas handle with a small delay – it’s still not a sports model, it does not “tear.” Nevertheless, up to 20 km / h Scooter accelerates over a few seconds, slightly losing the dynamics closer to the “maximum speed”. Be that as it may, the scooter provokes to go fast – and its solid design, and dynamics. Withstand inmotion L9 weight up to 150 kg – with a maximum load of the dynamics, of course, falls.

Fortunately with brakes all is well. There is a recuperative system that begins to work, it is worth letting go gas lever, and returns part of the energy into the battery, and a sensitive disc brake on the rear wheel. It works very sharply, it is necessary to get used to it, – it is very effective, at maximum pressure, the scooter stops almost instantly, the main thing is not to fly forward to the nose.

The wheels at the Inmotion L9 are large, 10 × 2.5 inches, – the scooter feels quite confidently not only on the asphalt or a special cyclehead, but also on the tile or on a strong soil. Shallow puddles, he passes normally, almost not “floating.” Uneven surfaces Double suspension works well. On the Inmotion L9, you can even slip away the low obstacles on the go and fly on low borders – this hints at the front of the legs bevelled in the front. And in general, ride on Inmotion L9 is very comfortable. Still, a double suspension is wonderful.

The battery here is also very serious – 675 W · h (12500 mA · h, 54 V). The manufacturer promises mileage up to 50 kilometers on one charge – and this is not far from the truth, if you use a scooter in a cost or usual mode. In sports, it is worth it for 35-40 kilometers rather, which in any case for a similar type of transport is very serious. On the Inmotion L9 you can safely ride home to work and back, even if you live in the near Moscow region (and if you extremal, which is not afraid to wear on the highway on the electrosocate), while not the charge device in the middle of the day.

Inmotion L9 is charged for 7.2 hours when using a single complete charging. But not in vain here at once two ports – you can buy the same and arrange the sessions of simultaneous charging, which will shorten the time to double. You can charge the scooter in both the ones and turned off.

A particular standard of moisture protection Manufacturer does not call, limited to the words about the battery, dashboard and controller protected from moisture. As I mentioned above, it is possible to ride on the puddles on the Inmotion L9. What will happen during the operation of the scooter in the rain, I can not answer, the test was not carried out under conditions involving rain.



Inmotion L9 supports working with Bluetooth communication devices: With the help of a branded mobile application, you can control the scooter cruise control, track the route, check statistics, and also receive notifications. The program allows you to set up the backlight and headlights, turn on and off the engine, set the speed limit if the local rules of the road traffic require. The application is sufficient functional, but suffers from incomplete and not always correct Russification.


Inmotion L9 is no longer so much scooter as an alternative to an electric bicycle, and quite complete. And according to dynamics, and in the stock of the stroke, he argues with many of them, and even surpasses them. At the same time, remaining relatively compact – and in the trunk of the car less space will take, and in the subway with due physical training it is quite possible to drag. The problem here is only one – the weight as the bike itself. Ortacity and small dimensions in combination with high speeds allow you to count on Inmotion L9 as a completely adequate means of movement over the branded by traffic jams. The cost is quite reasonable – and again goes to comparison with the cost of electric bicycles, which in this price category are inferior to Inmotion L9 by power and stock of the stroke.


  • Solid and reliable design;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Excellent stroke;
  • Good clearance in combination with large wheels;
  • Four modes of operation;
  • Disc brake + recovery;
  • Two depreciates;
  • Bright headlight + stop signal;
  • Cruise control;
  • Adequate control.


  • Recuperation empowered;
  • Big mass;
  • Relative bulkiness (for scooter);
  • Not a completely well-performed footboard and plugs for charging ports.

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