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NTT and Sky Perfect JSAT will create a distributed data center in the Earth orbit

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The Japanese Telecommunication Giant NTT and Sky Perfect JSAT, which operates in the field of satellite communications, intend to jointly create computational infrastructure in space, combining land sensing systems, data processing and communication. The start of commercial operation of the platform is scheduled for 2026.

The beginning of technical testing of key project technologies are scheduled for 2022. In parallel, satellites will be launched, intended for collecting a wide range of data from Earth, such as information about the work of marine wind turbines and automated vehicles, on the yield of large farms, and logistics in mountainous regions, etc.

Source: NTT.

The platform will combine ground infrastructure with low-bit satellite satellites for MIMO-communication with IOT terminals, HAPS stratospheric satellites for creating a 5G / 6G broadband platform and satellites on a geostationary orbit. Partners also intend to introduce a new remote sensing system of the Earth, operating in the terahertz range. This will allow visualize information that will usually remain invisible, thereby expanding the scope of application of the obtained data.

group.ntt: Assumed schedule for service provision

Source: NTT.

Part of the satellites will be focused on calculating and pre-processing data, the other part is to store information. And to merge into a kind of space data center, NTT develops IOWN, cost-effective and space-resistant optical communication technology in open space. Distributed calculations in space using optical communication will quickly analyze a huge amount of diverse data on site, and only the necessary information is sent to the ground.

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