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Presented a super-compact FLOPPinux distribution – it is placed on a 3.5 “floppy disk

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Currently, users have no problems with the place on the disks. However, enthusiasts sometimes try to create Linux distributions with minimal sizes. The network appeared the first release of the FLOPPINUX distribution, which has truly minimalist indicators. The novelty is placed in the amount of 1.44 MB, that is, in the size of the disk space of the conventional floppy disk 3.5 inches.

The author itself positions the system as a possible basis for embedded solutions or simply outdated systems. This is not the first distribution of a similar class, but Floppinux is not based on any of them, and from distinctive features it is worth noting the use of the modern Linux kernel.

The set has a Linux 5.13.0-RC2 kernel and BusyBox 1.33.1 utilities. There is support for the RAM disk, TTY, PRINTK, ELF applications and some other features. Of course, only the terminal is used – no graphics! The novelty will even work on the system with the I486DX processor and 24 MB of RAM. You can also run it on QEMU.

The 32-bit system itself is at the moment it has version 0.2.1. The “Kiosk” mode is supported. From the trifles, note the new download screen and updated text interface. Details about technical aspects can be found here. There are also instructions for assembling the boot image and references to the source and the images themselves.

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