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Shadow man remastered – aged shower assembly. Review

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Played on PC

The guys from Nightdive are engaged in a noble thing – they agree with the owners of rights to the old games, Remaster produce and literally pull out the adaptable things from non-existence. Thanks to this dylogue studio, System Shock and Turok did not lose somewhere in digital abyss, but work perfectly and available on modern OS and platforms. However, it is not necessary to be famous to get a rescue circle. In April, Nightdive released the Shadow Man’s updated in the technical and content plan – a very distinctive and bloody project based on the eponymous comic. At one time he did not become a unconditional hit and it is unlikely that they will become now. However, over the past 22 years, the game did not lose their attractiveness, albeit graphically, even taking into account all the suspenders.

All souls will be mine!

I suspect that many gamers who do not make the projects of the end of the nineties and the beginning of zero will throw Shadow Man already at the very beginning. Just because the game does not raise anything and refuses to lead the hand. It acts on the contrary, in accordance with the norm of its era, he throws a little plot motivation, and then sends to deal with everything on their own. The goal is clear – to find and kill five maniacs living somewhere in our reality; Along the way, the dark souls have to be assembled in the perverted world of the dead and acquire new skills.

Temple where the Bodies of Maniacs are located, quite a cozy place

Only how to get to them, where you first go, what and where to look for – no one will say. There are foggy hints in the book of prophecies, but only. And this approach, in fact, is beautiful! Passing Shadow Man, I understood how missed the design, which was offered games like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Those who will say that “grandfather forgot to drink pills,” will call the “outdated” approach, will be partially right – all the same, some mechanics work on modern standards is not too convenient. However, it is more interesting to impair himself to come to everything, than running there and here on markers, dying through the buzz of tips and screensavers. Shadow Man offers to study his world, remember interesting places to which you can not reach. The method of samples and errors to check their assumptions, gradually discovering new paths on locations. At first, they will probably surprise a confusing design – some of the levels may seem like real maze. But the deeper and longer examine the gloomy dimension, the easier it is to navigate it.

Over time, a map of the game world is drawn in the head (there is no usual here) – no longer get lost. It is this feeling of research, the search for new opportunities and secrets, how a step by step is dealt with how everything is arranged here, it does not allow to break away from a very long game to the most titles (I went about 20 hours). The overwhelming majority of modern projects were completely learned to give such sensations, because they consider the gamers limitedly capable and fear to give them at least some independence. And then the revenue comes to reprint the games of the old school.

А вот и она, тёмная душа!

And here she is, Dark Soul!

However, sometimes freedom of action plays with Shadow Man’s evil joke. In a pare-troika moments, items necessary for further promotion or doors are closed for a certain number of souls. If you do not be attentive during the initial loking of locations, you will have to return again for the missing resources. Well, though, in the menu, you can see where it is not yet assembled, so you will not need to turn up on your head all extensive cards.

Nevertheless, the notorious dark souls break the familiar loop “found a new ability – opened access to location where there will be another skill.” In Shadow Man, the “spiritual” resource adds an additional stage, and it turns out that gathering opens access to skills, those to other levels, and then again need to make a collecting for further promotion. In some places it slows down the passage, even if it is partly compensated by the desire to absolutely look into every angle. Another drawback, with time, explaining everything more noticeable, – battles with bosses. None of the battle is truly fascinating, and a couple of locations where the enemies live are excessively stretched. Search here, except for the enemy, there is nothing, the levels exist separately from the rest of the world and in general are not particularly successful.

What not to say about the technical part of Remaster. Nightdive radically updated the textures (cubic hands in 4k look canceled!), Added the effects of post-processing and physical model for broken items and torn in the shreds of enemies, and at the same time perfectly worked on lighting. True, age does not hide nothing, but, as for me, the game also does not look terribly. Although I have never experienced rejection from projects that went on the dawn appearance of three-dimensional graphics. The frozen bonus appeared the bonus (without the need to enter the menu) and a lot of things that make the passage more enjoyable, such as adjusting the active zones at the edges of the platforms (clinging for them now easier).

The game received both a new content that did not fall into the original version – he was recreated by ACCLAIM design documents. By the way, NightDive is working on the rethinking of the first System Shock, so something like this will probably check with him. That’s just without annoying bugs it did not cost. Let’s say if you save through F5 while running, then the character will continue to hide forward, even if you release the key. In some cases, it can be stopped, in others, only fast loading saves.

Ох уж эти огоньки по бокам, показывающие, что здание горит

Oh, these lights on the sides showing that the building is burning

However, the most important question is: Is it worth trying Shadow MAN now? Still, the release has passed as much as 22 years, and the industry seems to be far back far. If you think that the game should not spend any unnecessary second of your time, is obliged to allocate interactive concessions with yellow color and constantly suggest that, where and how, then you are hardly on the way. The rest are welcome. It is worth plunge into the strange, the perverted world of Shadow Man and get rich a little, how to emerge does not want to the final. Of course, the game is far from ideal, however, a combination of research, platforming, entertaining and tangled locations for a couple with a very heavy, coming atmosphere works perfectly even now. If you decide to protect our world, then a small advice is finally: hold on and do not use the passing while traveling – kill all the pleasure of the process.


  • For two decades, the game did not lose her gloomy charm and “oddity”;
  • Explore locations are interesting, especially with a large number of secrets;
  • Shadow Man, as in the old good, allows you to deal with everything yourself, which is very lacking in games now.
  • The first release of the comic in the game folder. Do not miss!


  • If somewhere we noted and did not collect the right amount of souls, they will not be allowed forward;
  • Little bugs;
  • Bats with bosses are one of the weakest parts of the game.

Graphic arts

Remaster let and added modern post-processing picture, but it did not change it radically. Actually, no one promised. Spaces of Shadow Man looks good, in some places – Korivnyko.


So strange and uncomfortable sound will rarely meet. How do you, for example, the study of the already oppressive location under the crying of the child and the sounds of the born? The world of the dead is an unpleasant place that the different sound effects are emphasized.

Single player game

Shadow Man When you first meet the first acquaintance, it may seem incontestary, however, the deeper and further immerse yourself in this world, the better you understand in the mechanics, the harder it is to break away.

Collective game

Not foreseen.

General impression

Nightdive released a good remaster far from the perfect game. However, despite some disadvantages, it is still worth trying as those who missed the projects like Soul Reaver and those who did not even hear about them. If it hooked, it will not be lagging behind.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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