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Until the end of the decade, a unique data center may appear on the moon

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Italy’s space agency (ASI) within the framework of the large-scale American program of NASA Artemis (Artemis) on the development of the Moon appealed to the manufacturer of the aerospace products Thales Alenia Space with the issue of studying 16 conceptual systems to maintain the vital activity of people on the natural satellite of our planet.

The Artemis program, we recall, is funded by the US government, and European Space Agency (ESA), Japan, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, UAE, etc. The goal is to participate in it. In addition, the program will allow to develop technologies that will continue to help in the development of Mars.


Thales Alenia Space specialists have to develop a conceptual appearance of lunar rovernors, orbital platforms, residential modules, etc. The lunar data center, LDC will also enter the number of concepts. Experts explain that future settlers will need computational resources to maintain the work of various systems and installations. However, the use of landsetters will be problematic due to delays in signal transmission.

NASA / Sebastian Moss


Therefore, it is proposed to build a data center directly on the moon. Its appearance is not yet defined – it will depend on the tasks that the lunar servers have to be resolved. In any case, it will be a unique system based on advanced technical solutions, which has the highest level of reliability.

The results of preliminary research under the project should be prepared by the end of this year. The lunar data center can be put into operation until the end of the decade. As part of the Artemis program, it is also planned to create a 4G network on the moon.

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