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Western Digital Announces WD Purple Pro hard drives for video surveillance systems with AI

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Western Digital announced the replenishment of the WD Purple WD Purple Pro series for a new generation of advanced recording devices, including support for AI and video analytics. New tanks from 8 to 18 TB will be available already in this block.

Analysts IDC analysts, by 2025, the world video surveillance cameras will grow to 4 billion for comparison, in 2019 it was 3.6 billion new intelligent video architectures for capturing, storing and analyzing large volumes of video data, as well as operations of IA video analytics systems Create a high level of load on the storage subsystem.

The new WD Purple Pro series offers various optimizations regarding performance, capacity, reliability and other features for this kind of workloads. It is focused on new network video recorders (NVR) with support for AI, video analytics servers, disk arrays and new generation storage. The series offers the following features:

  • Advanced AI AllFrame technology that allows you to increase the performance to maintain simultaneous recording of video streams with 64 HD cameras and processing up to 32 additional data flows for the functions of the AI, including a sample mapping and recognition of objects / events.
  • High performance and reliability (up to 550 TB per year).
  • Ability to use discs in high-dear video analytics servers and cloud systems.
  • Constant monitoring of hard drive status using Western Digital Device Analytics.

The claimed level of MTBF is 2.5 million hours. A limited five-year warranty is going to drive. The youngest 8-TB model will cost 19, and the most capacious 18-TB version is 16. Interestingly, exactly the same prices have “ordinary” WD Purple drives without the prerestable Pro.

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