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Miners buy an order of magnitude less video cards than in 2018, according to experts

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The NVIDIA manual for the publication of quarterly reporting has passed to the new wording: it still does not take effects to evaluate the degree of miners on the sale of game video cards, but allows for the idea that it can be essential. Analysts also rushed to publish their estimates that differ significantly from the author to the author.

Image source: NVIDIA

As Barron’s explains, Jefferies representatives share the point of view of the NVIDIA Director General on the specific situation in the cryptocurrency market this year. If the past story with the “cryptoprochmel” left NVIDIA with unprepared reserves of Pascal generation video cards worth about $ 400 million, then in the current year the risks are noticeably lower.

First, as Jefferies analysts emphasize, now miners buy only the tenth of the volume of video cards, which was acquired by them in 2018. Secondly, the actions of NVIDIA on “segregation” of two market segments The author of the analytical note considers correct and effective.

BMO Capital Markets experts revised their recent assessment according to the degree of miners influence on the NVIDIA revenue from the implementation of gaming solutions. The amount was reduced from $ 650 to $ 500 million. Specialists of the New Street Research This mark was elected as the beginning of the range, and the upper bar raised to $ 1 billion in the word, they believe that in the past quarter, miners bought graphics processors in the composition of the video cards totaling a billion US dollars. The publication of the Quarterly report of NVIDIA, which contained a number of record indicators exceeded investors’ expectations, did not produce a special impression – the company’s shares fell to the percentage with a small one. Market participants alerted the uncertainty of the market situation in the game segment and the cryptocurid sector.

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