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Nvidia stated that it was not afraid of a new cripocarbon market wreck – high demand will ensure gamers

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When the first cryptocurrency boom ended a couple of years ago, NVIDIA remained with the impressive reserves of Pascal’s unreasonable graphics processors and collided with a significant decrease in revenue. The head of the company is confident that even if the demand for funds for cryptocurrency, which are video cards, will fall sharply in the current year, for NVIDIA it will not be a shock for a number of reasons.

Image source: NVIDIA

At the quarterly reporting conference, NVIDIA Jensen Huang (Jensen Huang) explained that the main demand for specialized accelerators for mining cryptocurrency, which are built on graphics processors, create professional market players. NVIDIA is trying to divide the flow streams for lovers of games and miners, offering the first updated video cards with the mechanism for limiting performance in mining, and the second directly supplying specialized CMP series accelerators. At the same time, the NVIDIA leadership is still lost in the estimates, how large the influence of miners on the company’s game revenue, but at least it does not deny that this factor is essential.

Unlike the past cryptocurrency boom, the consequences of which the founder of NVIDIA christened the “cryptoprochmel”, the GEFORCE gaming solutions of the actual generation are at the beginning of the life cycle, and the Pascal generation products were then preparing to give the place to successor Turing with the support of rays. In other words, Jensen Huang is convinced that if the demand for current video cards will decrease by miners, games quickly compensate for amateurs of games. Moreover, access to the function of the hardware tracing rays has no more than 15% of GEFORCE graphic solutions.

Colette Krett Colette (Colette Kress), in turn, expressed confidence in the ability of NVIDIA to increase directly game revenue not only in the second quarter, but in the second half of the year. Deliveries of graphics processors will be systematically increased, as it has already noted at one of the past events. By the end of autumn, new games will appear, which will push the demand for video cards, and the beginning of the business activity season will traditionally contribute to this.

On the other hand, the forecast for revenue from the implementation of the SMP mining accelerators does not doubt that demand will also be high in this direction. If in the past quarter NVIDIA reversed about $ 155 million from the implementation of such accelerators, then in the current expects to raise the plank to $ 400 million and the company’s management emphasizes that it will increase the supply of solutions of the CMP family as demand and its own capabilities are available. The company simply strives to please all categories of consumers, even if the difficulties with the supply of graphics processors will continue until the end of the year.

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