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NVIDIA will soon stop supporting video cards on Kepler architecture

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In the near future, NVIDIA will release the latest drivers for the Kepler family video cards. The R470 version for models on this architecture will be the latter. This, in particular, means the lack of optimization support for the newest games in the near future.


For the first time, the company introduced the video card on the Kepler architecture in 2012. The debut took place in the GTX 600 series, although some options using Fermi solutions belonging to the previous generation of chips were also published in the latter. In the future, the manufacturer has released options with Kepler in the GTX 700 series, which later added some novelties of the Maxwell family.

It is known that NVIDIA has already stopped supporting the Fermi architecture by releasing the final drivers of the Release 390 series (R390). Completely expected Kepler became the next in line.

NVIDIA typically releases large-scale driver updates once a few months. For example, the R460 series came out at the end of last year. At the moment, the version of GeForce 466.47 has already been released, so it is possible that the R470 series will appear before the end of the year. Changes will affect all GeForce, Quadro and Tesla products on the Kepler architecture.

In addition to eliminating bugs and performance improvements, updated drivers usually provide support for the newest games entering the market. Since the R470 will become the last drivers for Kepler, you can expect that the GTX 600 and 700 video cards will not fully support the games that came out after its release. At the same time, the termination of support is unlikely to have a great impact on the market. According to a recent Steam survey, now the GPU on the Kepler base is less than 5% of gamers. Judging by the NVIDIA roadmap, the following will stop supporting the Maxwell family video cards (GTX 900) and Pascal (GTX 10), but how long it is time to “exhale”, it remains only to guess.

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