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Quarterly report NVIDIA: the company doubled the game revenue and updated the overall record

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NVIDIA managed to exceed the expectations of analysts in terms of total revenue in the past quarter. She received $ 5.66 billion, which is 84% ​​more than the same period of the previous year. Sequentially revenue increased by 13%. In the game segment, revenue more than doubled to $ 2.76 billion, but the leadership still cannot distinguish the degree of influence of mining.

Image source: NVIDIA

Gaming solutions bring NVIDIA slightly less than half of the total revenue, and the server revenue increases by 79% to $ 2.05 billion in many respects is the merit of MELLANOX connection. Professional visualization solutions brought NVIDIA by 21% more than a year earlier – $ 372 million. The automotive segment demonstrated a decrease in revenue by 1% to $ 154 million. To the OEM and OEM segment, as is well known, the delivery of CMP accelerators for miners, so He demonstrated an increase in revenue by 137% to $ 327 million. Record revenue was achieved in game, server and professional segments.

Источник изображения: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

Colette Kress’s financial director (Colette Kress) did not hide that the supply of CMP accelerators last quarter brought NVIDIA about $ 155 million, and also mentioned that in the current quarter they will bring another $ 400 million from the NVIDIA leadership Distributing the revenue from game components and video cards for mining, but the planned paths of “segregation” of these two segments in the company are considered correct and necessary.

Источник изображения: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

Colette Cress, for example, declared the readiness of NVIDIA to limit the performance of video cards in mining on the products of the new generation, and the head of Jensen Huang (Jensen Huang) explained that graphic chips were most often used for the quality control in the game segment for CMP accelerators. The ability to realize rejection with benefits for myself is very pleased, and the availability of products in the target markets also affects positively. The NVIDIA Financial Director was forced to recognize that the deficit of the components will continue in the second half of the year.

The operating expenses of the company increased in annual comparison by 63% to $ 1.673 billion, operating profit doubled to $ 1.956 billion, net profit increased by 109% to $ 1.912 billion. At the same time, the profit rate decreased by one percentage point to 64.1%, mainly For the costs associated with the purchase of Mellanox.

In the current quarter, NVIDIA expects to increase revenue to $ 6.3 billion, keep the rate of profit ranging from 64.6 to 66.5%, capital costs must be met in range from $ 300 to $ 325 million. Matching with regulators Calculates at the beginning of 2022 calendar year. Now for NVIDIA, the second quarter of the 2022 fiscal year began.

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