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The back of the flagship game video card Intel Xe-HPG appeared on the photo

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Image of the printed circuit board of the engineering sample of the flagship desktop play video card Intel DG2-512EU has shown in his video YouTube-channel Moore’s Law Is Dead. Previously, the same source shared photographs of the DG2-512EU video card on the XE-HPG architecture assembled.

On the photo presented, the vintage board of the video card is captured from the back. It can be noted that the board itself is much longer than the AMPERE NVIDIA video cards, but it is quite possible that in its final version, DG2-512EU will be shorter than it looks now.

It is very likely that in the fresh photo there is the same engineering sample, the front part of which we have seen the front of the installed cooling system. This indicates a few parts: the color of the printed circuit board and the configuration of the subsystem of the power supply.

On the right side of the new printed circuit board, you can highlight the presence of two installed additional power connections by 6 and 8 contacts, as well as additional installation sites for the installation of two more connectors. Apparently, Intel continues to experiment with a novelty and trying to determine where it is better to place connectors. It is quite obvious that two of the four connectors will eventually disappear in the release version of the video card, which in turn will reduce the size of the board.

As mentioned earlier, the DG2 graphic accelerators will include five GPU models. The flowcharts of two of them, DG2-128EU and DG2-384EU, have already flashed in early leaks. Recall that the numbers in the title mean the number of executive blocks used as part of the graphics processor. It was assumed that the variants of DG2-384EU and DG2-512EU would use the same packaging. In other words, the size of the GPU will be the same. The VideoOcardz portal conducted a quick comparison of the size of the DG2-384EU and DG2-512EU area, which marked in the last leakage, and did indeed found their identity.

The difference between the two above options will be in the amount of supported memory. The graphics accelerator with 512 performing blocks will receive 8 memory modules (which confirms the snapshot) with a total volume of 16 GB, support for 256-bit bus, as well as 16 MB of so-called intelligent cache memory. In turn, it is known that the option with 384 actuating blocks will be equipped with only six memory modules with a bits of 192 bits.

According to Moore’s Law Is Dead, the Senior Intel Chip can acquire a clock frequency of up to 2.2 GHz, which is higher than that of NVIDIA Ampere models, but comparable to AMD maps of the Navi family 21. Previously it was assumed that the performance of Intel Xe-HPG (DG2) 512EU should settle down strictly between GeForce RTX 3070 models and GeForce RTX 3080 and be closer to the lowest GeForce RTX 3070 level, however, according to new information, the final performance may be at the level of the preparing for the GEFORCE RTX 3070 Ti announcement.

According to the source, Intel is going to release the XE-HPG game video card in the first quarter of next year, but also there is also a possibility that new items will be presented and at the end of the 2021. He also added that Intel’s sidelines are already discussed by the issue of developing the future generation of video cards, which should appear after the DG2 series. We are talking about the DG3 family, which in the internal documents Intel appears under the code name Elasti.

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