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Duplex technology will allow you to quickly change in chrome stolen passwords.

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Google announced a new Chrome browser function. In the near future, it will notify about the compromised passwords and will help automatically replace them with Duplex technology.



It is known that a new feature will gradually appear in Android browsers. While it will be available only in the United States, the rest of the countries will be provided with a new advantage later. The main condition is the mandatory use of password synchronization in Chrome. Additionally, it is known that the function will not be available for all sites. According to the representative of Google, it will initially work with a small amount of resources and applications, including, for example, Twitter.

Many can remember the Duplex as an unusual service that can call the user and “negotiate” about a meeting with a hairdresser or learn at the request of the time of work of a particular institution. Google announced it at a conference for developers by 2018 I / O and submitted a wider audience in 2019. Since then, the creators have added many all kinds of functions to duplex, in particular – the ability to replace passwords.

«Working with Duplex in the network Assistant Google performs a tedious part of web surfing: scrolling, clicks and filling of forms and allows you to focus on what is really important for you. And now we are even more expanding the functionality, allowing you to quickly create strong passwords for some sites and applications, if Chrome decides that there has been a data leakage for authorization, “said the Senior CHROME Product Manager Patrick Nepper (Patrick Nepper).

When Chrome detects compromised data, the user remains only to click “Change Password” and Duplex will perform the rest for it. If the site does not support the service, Chrome password manager will help create a strong and unique combination. It remains to find out how it will be implemented in practice. Each site controls access is slightly different, so it is quite difficult to register universal basic rules for managing the process. It is for this purpose Duplex. It is believed that the service “understands” is somewhat more about the context of data change than the usual password manager.

Google password manager will also be updated. It will add a tool for integrating important passwords from third-party managers. There is a deeper interaction with Chrome and Android, and as already reported above, automatic warnings will appear in cases where the data is compromised as a result of leakage.

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