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Inappropriate Ads Disguised as Competition Requests on Samsung Health App

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One of the downsides to the pretty good Samsung One UI is the presence of ads in the pre-installed apps. Fortunately, most of it can be turned off, but this still does not completely free users from intrusive ads. While most of the ads are pretty innocuous, Reddit users report that the Samsung Health app has disguised ads for sex services.


According to forum posts, the advertisements look almost identical to the calls to walking competitions in the Together tab. However, when you click on the card, you click on the questionable link. The opened site contains inappropriate content and can probably be used to steal personal data. The full extent of the problem is not yet known, but users from the Netherlands and India are reported to have encountered similar advertisements.



Samsung has not yet commented on how its app could contain sponsored links referring to inappropriate content, moreover, clearly disguised as an element of the app’s interface. Users who suffer from these advertisements are advised to change who they can receive competition requests from in the Samsung Health app.

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