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Malicious database data “Macs”, including models on the M1 chipset

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Apple computer and laptop users should update the system software as quickly as possible. Apple has released a “patch”, eliminating the vulnerability, thanks to which the attackers can secretly make screenshots of user screens and receive other information.


The XCSSset program was first discovered last year in cyber security specialists from Trend Micro. Using malicious software, the attackers infected the applications of conscientious MAC developers, after which they themselves distributed viruses.

Now experts from Jamf revealed a new way to use the program: it is capable of doing screenshots on user computers. This may result in compromising data, including addresses, bank card numbers, passwords and other information.

«Hackers are more likely to choose the goal of Android or Windows because of their popularity, but recently a number of vulnerabilities in MacOS and IOS finally promoted the myth about Apple’s unpretentious security, “said Daniel Markuson, expert. “Many people began to assume that Apple products are protected from hackers … no device is 100% protected from cybergroms.”

Usually, when the MAC application for the first time receives access to the microphone, camera or device drive, the user receives a request to the appropriate permission. The malware detected by Jamf was able to circumvent such protection by using a “hole” in the security system. The program is enough to introduce your code into a trusted application, and depending on the purpose of the “bona fide” program, may not only be to make screenshots, but also a video or audio recording. Access and to the text information entered by the user entered is not excluded.

It is worth noting that even computers on the new apple M1 chipset can be infected. Users of all versions of Mac stands as quickly as possible to update MacOS to the version of Big Sur 11.4. Apple has already stated that the update contains the necessary patches to protect information.

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