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Personal data 500 million users LinkedIn exhibited for sale in a hacker forum

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Despite the measures taken, the credentials of users of social services continue to enter open access, which creates a wide field of activity for various kinds of fraudsters. Shortly after it became known about a large-scale leak of personal information Facebook users, the network appeared on the network of the data archived on the popular hacker forum, allegedly extracted from 500 million social network users to search and establish LinkedIn business contacts.

As evidence of this archive, an attacker has published an example of 2 million entries that include full usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace information and more. He appreciated the entire database of the database in a four-digit amount, with payment presumably in Bitcoins.

It is still unclear whether the attacker sells actual LinkedIn profiles or data were obtained or aggregated as a result of previous leaks from which Linkedin and other companies were injured.

It should be noted that there are no such confidential information such as credit card data as a credit card data or legal documents, but also has enough information, it is enough for a competent cybercrime to apply real damage. Combining the information found in the leaked files with other leaks of data, the attacker will be able to create detailed profiles of its potential victims and organize much more convincing phishing attacks or even make theft of personal data of specific people.

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